It's opening today.....
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And the critics are already tearing into "Speed Racer, The Motion Picture".

Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: We really don't need another FPP to confirm that a movie that you predicted would be poorly received in a previous FPP is, in fact, being poorly received. -- cortex

Is this a surprise?

This thing looked like a giant shitburger from day 1.
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How could the creative team behind the two Matrix sequels have made a bad movie!?
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You didn't get the New Yorker one where it called it "Pop Fascism!"
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Oh, btw, did you see the Colbert Report the other day? The one with Rain? I was wondering why he kept talking about Rain.
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Here you go.
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MetaCritic. Is there anything special about this set of reviews that makes it worth a FPP?
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I flagged this post as "other": sorry, but I don't see the point of this post.
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Mr Yonderboy has a point.
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I wonder what it is about the movie that makes people think about fascism/Nazis? This is from the Slate review: "Narrowing your eyes against the strobe effect, you make out three movie stars: John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, and Christina Ricci, cheering Speed on from the impossibly vast stands that rise up from the racetrack (so vast they recall footage of Nazi rallies, but no time to think about that now)."
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Well since we're doing this, might as well see what Rex Reed has to say: Cough! Ptooey! Frantic Speed Racer Spews Toxic Fumes
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It's as if they had high expectations.
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They so successfully capture the feel of the fevered dreams of saturated explosions and senseless noise that tinted my American-boy childhood that I must tip my hat in their direction in admiration of the purity of their vision. They have carried the vast emptiness of that internal world all the way to today, recalling all of its gross inequities, lack of compassion, and lust for emotional and physical violence. No small feat for men who by all accounts should have grown up and left all that behind. I consider this art.
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It might be bad, but I can't wait to rewrite it as Speed Humper for my Porn Year project.
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Iron Man, on the other hand, seems to be doing fairly well for itself.
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*shakes head and walks away*
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