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Airphoto North America ― Jim Wark is an aerial photographer who specializes in capturing unusual landscape and cultural images of North and Central America. The plane used is a small high-wing, bush type (an Aviat Husky) with a large side opening for unobstructed shooting, and with the capability of operating out of small rough areas. A full complement of camping gear and provisions are always on board so that remote sites can be used as operating bases.
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Hmm... I was excited at first but those 400-pixel JPGs didn't draw me in at all. The site owner should avail himself of better samples and lots of watermarks.
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Well you can still do a lot with 400 pixels.
posted by Fiasco da Gama at 9:26 PM on May 12, 2008

Thanks. Do you remember this post ?
The featured website is great and contains lots of beautiful pictures.
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Great, thanks! I see he even got up to Maine.
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I was excited, but the photos turn out to be pretty boring. They mostly look just like what they are: stock photos. Too bad.
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I like it, but like crapmatic said, some higher resolution would really benefit the site. Still, I was stoked to see some familiar sites... like the church where I used to play piano recitals in elementary school
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Not only are they small, they are riddled with compression and scaling artifacts (and I think, some scaled compression artifacts). He really managed to ugly-up his photos.
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Well now, let's just take a little browse around...

Page 1 of 468 : 11211 images

Sweet Jesus!
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Mexico: Mom, why am I in less than 3% of the family photos?
Mexico's Mom: Eat your tater tots dear.
Mexico: ...
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I'll take this opportunity to recommend David Maisel.
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I just saw the place in this photo in Koyaanisqatsi (at 20:51 in the Google video in this weekend's post))
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I am not ranting about 400x400 jpegs again...

I just wish photographs would understand how important it is to see the details in their work.

Two words pushed together: watermark
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Discovering Lewis and Clark from the Air is a presentation of Wark's pictures of the route of the Corps of Discovery with text from Joseph Mussulman. (Though the site seems borked right now.)
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