International Efforts Still Failing Child Soldiers
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Child Soldiers Global Report 2008. "Despite progress, efforts to end the recruitment and use of child soldiers are too little and too late for many children, according to the 2008 Child Soldiers Global Report, launched today by the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers."
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"US military authorities, operating as the Multinational Forces in Iraq, were as of May 12, 2008 holding 513 Iraqi children as “imperative threats to security,” and have transferred an unknown number of other children to Iraqi custody. According to a recent report by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), children in Iraqi custody are at risk of physical abuse."

In this context, "imperative threats to security" probably means "held as hostages to give their parents incentive to cooperate".

But as OutrageFilter, this is going nowhere. We're one of the last countries on Earth -- along with Iran and Somalia -- which officially executes children. We could send each of those 513 Iraqi kids to the gas chamber, fly their bodies up a flagpole and watch as 40% of the American people salute.
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I spent a lot of time working in remote parts of Africa and we'd run across Child Soliders depressingly often. Even though I'd seen them many times in the media, encountering them in person was downright surrealistic. Every time.

Once we were stopped at a road block and well over half of the thugs working the barrier were kids. One little guy - he couldn't have been much older than twelve - strutted by our vehicle, casually carrying an RPG that was easily as long as he was tall.

Another kid collected a wad of cash from our driver then ran ahead with the money to this morbidly obese guy wearing military fatigues, who sat in a lawn chair under a crudely constructed shade on the bed of a filthy pickup truck. The "Big Man" counted every bill, stuck the cash in his pocket then motioned. The barrier opened up and we slowly moved through.

There were armed children on either side of the vehicle, and the aggression in their eyes was chilling.

I've since heard many of these kids are taken from their families, frequently drugged, often forced to fight each other, and even sometimes encouraged to execute captured enemy combatants in exchange for food and favourable treatment.

I have no idea how these kids can be rehabilitated, but the folks that try certainly have my respect. That's some messed up shit going on down there.
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After hearing one too many act of inhumanity by humans to humans, I'm no longer jocking in wishing for the rats to take over: they could not be any worst than we have been.
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But as OutrageFilter, this is going nowhere. We're one of the last countries on Earth -- along with Iran and Somalia -- which officially executes children.

I don't know what precisely you're referring to, but that is not of 2005. Roper v. Simmons banned the use of capital punishment for minors. Sad that it took until 2005, but at least it's not so anymore.
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