Erkin Koray, Turkey's psychedelic minstrel.
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Erkin Koray's long career as a major rock star in his native Turkey has seen him cover all sorts of musical territory. His songs are often a curious (some might say bizarre) hodgepodge of musical influences, and one thing's for sure: you couldn't call the man unadventurous! Here's a sampling of some of his psych-Turk-rock from decades past: Krallar - Gel Bak Ne Söylicem - Cemalim - Allahaşkına - Aşka Inanmıyorum - Yanlizlar rihtimi - Gönül Salıncağı - Anma Arkadaş - Aşk Oyunu - Gün Doğmuyor -

There are two MySpace Music pages for Erkin Koray.

At this one you can hear snippets (not whole tunes, unfortunately) but I recommend listening to them simply to get a further idea of the breadth of his output. Some great Turkish psychedelia to whet your appetite here. And at this one there are three tunes you can hear in their entirety.
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Of course, Koray wasn't the only Turkish psych rocker: it was a bona fide thing there, and there's lots of really cool stuff. Related links welcomed!
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Bülent Ortaçgil
Selda Bagcan (here's a bit written about her by someone I like--scroll down because I can't get the damn thing to open on its own)
Some reissues.
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Also, Crossing the Bridge is a good and fairly recent doc about Turkish rock music that has a little bit of Koray. It also features Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten discussing the music and meeting the musicians.
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Nice stuff.
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A whole new world.
Thanks, flap!
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The guys from System of a Down are big fans of this genre.
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No Hele Yar? That song is so my jam.
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Is this the new persona/reinvention of Professor Irwin Corey?
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Erkin Koray's long career as a major rock star in his native Turkey

Maybe I just spend WAY too much time on the blue, but I read that first line, and knew exactly who posted it. Knew when I looked down a few lines who it would be. Another great post, and I thank you for it.

Of course, were you to just come mow my damned lawn, bring the CD's, and cop me a pack of smokes and a sixer while I'm napping that would work too.

Til then, I tip my hat, and it's a Cubs hat.
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Crossing the Bridge is definitely worth checking out. It's directed by Fatih Akin (Head-On).
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How 'bout some 3 Hürel? This one is especially smokin'.
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Holy crap, what awesome music. I can totally see where System of a Down gets their genes from.

I'll be sure to refer to this post-n-thread, too, next time I drop acid on thanksgiving--this post is no turkey, and it's all gravy!

(*ducking thrown objects incited by hackneyed play on words*)
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The problem I always had with Koray was that while I loved Electrik Turkoler (sp?), I never found anything else of his to be as good.

(Is Cem Caraka the one who became a woman? Whoever that is, the first album after the transition is pretty good, if a little torchy).
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No mention of Mogollar yet! also: Ersen!
Man, I'm so into this stuff lately.

Oh, and if you check out the Mogollar, stay far away from his recent stuff... ugh...
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A better Mogollar link.
Anadolu Pop is the jam
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Hey, this is the guy from Devil's Anvil. Cool.
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