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Center of the World, a new film by director Wayne Wong has a really immersive, erotic website. There seems to be an increasing number of film sites like these that don't just post the trailer and a film information but extend the viewers experience by actually making the site an extension of the film itself.
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Been there, done that...
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Two Wongs don't make a Wang.
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My fault. This was previously posted.
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Not the worst repost though
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I got the girl in the chat room to give me her email also gives a link for the 2 trailers, then i think that's the end of the site.

You can even get her to do a little dance with the right responses, hi-res calls it "intelligence scripting".
posted by Griff: at 8:10 AM on April 24, 2001

Hey, did joshua just double-post a double-post flag? :-)
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Apologies to those that have already seen it but the Requim for a Dream website is just outstanding... A real experience and perfectly matched to the film.

The film itself is incredible as well... Do see but be prepared to not be able to speak afterwards. Very very intense....
posted by Mr Ed at 8:32 AM on April 24, 2001

HMMNNN... Howard Hughes as an example, launched a Bra (with Janes adaptations) The phrase "get this thing off the ground is from Hughes. Yes,a new application, terrific graphics and the point is good. But not new.Media extension of film, the realm of erotica focuses primarily on the visual. What of meaning, though somewhat clear in Wong's work. Praetors just screened "TigerLand", any comments other then perhaps post something worthy?
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clavdivs, this isn't a "chat board"; would you mind writing in complete sentences so that we can understand what the hell you're saying?
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Why. Would. Anyone. Want. To. Do. That?
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well the movie's about sex and hookers, so who'd expect the site to be a bunch of fuzzy bunnies and good, clean family entertainment? imo, the site is too artsy to serve a any tangible purpose. so it makes sense that it would have naked chicks on it. i might have stayed around if it didn't have that annoying, droning music. haven't site designers learned that "music" on the front page of a website is a sure fire way to lose all possible viewers?
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pardon the faux paus. "Chat" is not my intention. Any comments on 'TigerLand?'. Thats T-I-G-E-...well you know the rest.
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Hey, did joshua just double-post a double-post flag?

Appears so. I obviously have no idea what I'm doing.

Tigerland? Farrell is fantastic but it was all too predictable.
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This will take you all staight to the chat page . . . yeh!
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