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4 months, 48 states, 3 full-time staff living and working out of a 31-foot Winnebago. "The Cover America Tour aims to put a face on the problems Americans are experiencing and to make sure their voices are heard as the debate over health care reform heats up." Meet Blake, Pauline & Meg (Consumer Reports) and talk about your health care issue or just follow past and upcoming stops along the route on the blog. Suggest a stop in your city or view pictures.
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A laudable program; thanks Cashman. I'm wondering why I'm the first commenter when the previous post is at 48. A guess: the Americans in the currently awake time zone are (1) fatigued with discussing such an obvious deficiency in the American commonweal and (2) LA LA LA I'm scared and I don't want to hear about all these people who have cancer and can't get coverage.

Just a guess.
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3) We've had the thread before, and ranting about health care isn't nearly cathartic as ranting about Bush. Also, there is a wide variety of opinions on bookswapping versus ILL, especially with out high population of librarians.

4) The blog has just started, so there isn't much material to speak of. I see a single story about a person who lost their job, and their insurance as a result, with reoccurring cancer. Tragic, and sadly somewhat common in the US system. If there were actual material on a solution, positives and negatives, cost projections, we could have a nice discussion on it.

So, in conclusion: the United States health care situation does not provide adequate care to a large portion of the population, especially those in the lower income brackets, the war in Iraq sucks, the Bush administration has repeatedly lied, global warming is happening, oil is becoming more expensive, many people borrowed beyond their means to buy overpriced housing, the dollar is inflating. Can we have the next step in these conversations?
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Can we have the next step in these conversations?


Q: How will giving more power and money to politicians and bureaucrats fix all of these problems?

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I agree, this has been done before. We've already heard these sad stories. Hell, many of us have lived them. Outrage fatigue or whatever.

Americans are almost ready to discuss solutions (I hope) but dry discussions of health care policy just aren't sexy enough to put on TV. My biggest fear with all of this is that once we have Smart People who come up with the best workable compromise, then the mainstream media will pick up the story again and you'll see a whole new round of outrage, the specialists who will see their reimbursement cut, the insurance companies who can't turn a profit on what the government pays, the small business owners who can't afford any mandated insurance premiums.

Personally, I think these kinds of economic hardships are a necessary part of reform. I just wanted to make the point that complaints are the only thing that get any air time.
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4 months, 48 states...

What about the other nine states? Don't they deserve to have their stories told?
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