6 Differences
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6 Differences is an extremely simple and oddly soothing Flash game with nice background music.

The author's previous effort, 5 Differences, is similar, but lacks music and the hints.
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Oh, this is like Hocus Focus deluxe! Cool.
posted by WolfDaddy at 12:38 PM on May 30, 2008

Cool, I always liked these types of games. Thanks.
posted by rooftop secrets at 12:41 PM on May 30, 2008

posted by everichon at 12:42 PM on May 30, 2008

*gets frustrated, clicks everywhere, wins*
posted by BitterOldPunk at 12:45 PM on May 30, 2008 [1 favorite]

(I enjoyed this, though)
posted by BitterOldPunk at 12:45 PM on May 30, 2008

I liked the style of the older one, but this is still fun.
posted by rokusan at 12:56 PM on May 30, 2008

Thanks, that was good. I figured out a trick to make the differences easier to spot: basically cross your eyes so that the two images merge into one scene (kind of like stereograms); the places where the pictures are different will "flicker" as ocular dominance effects start. Seems kind of obvious, in retrospect.

That said, the ones that were mirrored fucked my shit up.
posted by logicpunk at 1:03 PM on May 30, 2008

I really liked that music. Is that made for the game, or is it somebody I could check out? Anyone know?
posted by Pecinpah at 1:16 PM on May 30, 2008

Thanks for that - strangely addictive. Now where did I put that hour I had earlier?....

The reflected images really did my head in :-)
posted by YAMWAK at 1:19 PM on May 30, 2008

I really enjoyed that, but, yeah, the mirrored images just felt so wrong, especially the fuzzy neon hands one.
posted by misha at 1:23 PM on May 30, 2008

It's Nine Inch Nails, Pecinpah .
posted by Floydd at 1:25 PM on May 30, 2008

Pecinpah--the music is familiar to me from another source (I may even own it) but for the life of me I can't remember artist or title. My brain keeps telling me it's one of the tracks off Ghosts by Nine Inch Nails--I don't think that's right, though.
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Floydd posted while I was typing that last comment. It is NIN? Ghosts just blurs together for me into a bunch of pleasant electronic tunes that don't distract me from whatever else I'm doing.
posted by Prospero at 1:28 PM on May 30, 2008

One of my favorite aspects to these games continues to be the way the designer hides, in the scene, the number of items left to be found.

It could just as easily been stuck in the corner, but this way is so much more aesthetically challenging and pleasing.
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That was basically a photo log of one of the oddest nights out ever.
posted by Hamusutaa at 2:25 PM on May 30, 2008

Very enjoyable. After the first screen I was thinking about getting bored and quitting, but I'm happy I stuck it out to the end. The LSD screen hooked me good. Also, I spotted a train!

Clearly the mirror scenes are there because the author acknowledges the cross-eye trick. Given this game's usage of animation and dynamic images, I was expecting one of the cross-eye images to actually move something into or out of the screen.
posted by rlk at 2:46 PM on May 30, 2008

That was excellent, I do like the choice of Ghosts as the ambient music, but somehow the whole experience still feels cheesy.
posted by sir_rubixalot at 3:04 PM on May 30, 2008

Loved these last time too. Soothingly addictive (& cheesy). Thanks.
posted by Jody Tresidder at 3:16 PM on May 30, 2008

Thanks for sharing! Both versions are fun!
posted by sadiehawkinstein at 4:17 PM on May 30, 2008

Just beautiful. Great find.
posted by kcds at 5:00 PM on May 30, 2008

The author's previous effort, 5 Differences, is similar, but lacks music and the hints.

That's only two differences.
posted by Serial Killer Slumber Party at 5:17 PM on May 30, 2008 [7 favorites]

Cheesy or not that was awesome, as I just now finally got the chance to sit down and enjoy it.

breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out...
posted by sir_rubixalot at 12:16 PM on May 31, 2008

I really enjoyed both of these, and I must say that I got through the 6 Differences version much faster than the 5 Differences one. That Hint option really did help once or twice. I did the 6 Differences without the music and I found the sound effects for all of the different environments to be really satisfying. Thanks, whir!
posted by Nathaniel W at 3:56 PM on May 31, 2008

Lovely. I took a break from a memorization project to play this. Finished (used the hints twice) and went back to memorizing somehow refreshed. Great find!
posted by minervous at 5:14 PM on May 31, 2008

Great on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. Thx.
posted by ChuqD at 7:18 AM on June 1, 2008

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