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Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer) picks the theme, "80s radio," and develops a song, step by step, collaborating with some of his fans. Watch some of the responses. It's not his first collaboration, and he's no stranger to the internet.
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I heard him on the Stern show saying how he takes an extremely formulaic approach to song writing. He basically understands what elements make a hit and always includes a few of these elements in every song.

Maybe that's why I absolutely fucking hate Weezer.
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You're going to get a barrage of comments from people complaining about the super obnoxious overuse of dumb effects in those videos (the constant speeding up/slowing down of his voice, etc.).

But I thought it was fun despite all that.
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That was fantastic. Steps 8 and 10 where plays the song the first few times and overlays the 80's dance videos are brilliant. And there was genuine input from random people on Youtube.
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Seems like there's very little input from Rivers at all, aside from picking which parts to use, which is cool.
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So who gets the royalties?
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Maybe that's why I absolutely fucking hate Weezer.

Well -- there is only one solution: Destroy all their sweaters!
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I don't know why they wouldn't split the royalties between everyone whose parts he used.
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Me likee, but DANG that guy is smoking something good.
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autodidact -- basically all modern Western music is centered around patterns anyway, and I think Cuomo differs from other musicians in that he admits he has a formula. The others either don't vocalize it or don't realize it.

In general, people don't like non-patterned and non-repetitious music -- it goes against their definitions.
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Neat process, but oh lordy, why do people think this man can sing?
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What fun! (But listening to the Part 10 - I have to admit I thought the lyrics were fairly lame.) Still, seems like he's managed to get everyone to write a fairly typical Weezer song. I wonder if this could be taken as evidence for auteur film theory working in music as well.
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awfurby, you might like this video response to Step 12 - Wish List. It's about the lyrics.
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can the song be called,
"rivers is actually steve zahn"?
From the first video's comment section. Heh. Who says that Youtube comments are never any good?
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The fact that Rivers Cuomo used to be a fantatic songwriter notwithstanding, Rivers Cuomo is a terrible songwriter. But he doesn't have "a formula" any more than anybody else who writes a lot of songs in a particular style.

That said, I thought the videos were absolutely hilarious. The result was of course doomed to be crappy because anyone who in 2008 is still into weezer enough to want to participate has shitty taste. Although it could've been a lot worse. Might as well have skipped the "arrangement" step, though. I mean, "Hey guys I have this great idea for an arrangement it will have distorted guitars and a drum kit!"
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The song seems to be coming together quite well, actually.
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