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Trainrider : How to surf on a train - at 330 km/h.
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Wahnsinn, Alter!
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Looks like a fun ride. I'm totally game to try it but, you know, what's the point if you have to buy a ticket?
posted by farishta at 3:23 PM on June 8, 2008

Here's the original video complete with fake backstory and cheesy synth music.
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He gets away with it because he has a ticket!? What about the whole element of being on the outside of the train!?!?
posted by Acey at 3:51 PM on June 8, 2008

Ridiculously cheesy original video. Did he fake his death to avoid getting in trouble?
posted by farishta at 3:53 PM on June 8, 2008

Whoops. Insufficient searching. Thanks for the original.
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"You can only be free when you have nothing to loose."
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Cocaine's one hell of a drug.
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Not recommended
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Here is an article about train surfing in the US from 2000, albeit at lower speeds than the German trains.

I did this once (on a freight train, not a passenger train, and on a lower car, so I knew that I was not in danger from bridges and overpasses) and it was terrifying. I heard lots of "friends of a friend" stories about people standing on top of cars and getting clipped by bridges; a friend of mine came close to having that happen but ducked in time.
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Metafilter: "A cessation comes not into question"
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He gets away with it because he has a ticket!?

You have to figure the laws aren't written with this particular activity in mind.

Notice he consulted a lawyer beforehand? That's good advice, right there.
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And when the cops came, he ran. Also good advice.
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It's all fun and youtube videos until he falls off the train, then the next one comes and derails over his body, killing hundreds.
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Those trains can't be derailed by a single body.. However some time ago, somehow a flock of sheep managed to get onto the tracks when a train came.. Not pretty. No HUMAN lives where lost although the train derailed.
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I like how the video really did not take sides as to whether or not this was massively stupid, or kinda cool.
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Old Skool
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this being sat.1, a station with a questionable journalistic reputation, I'm skeptical this kid actually made it all the way to 330km/h. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out the train went 110km/h or something close to that on this particular stretch.

but at least it's a nice video.
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