Dunhill Vacation News Hits 1.6 million Subscribers
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Plantation Fl, June 10, 2008 – Dunhill Vacations Inc. now has over 1.6 million subscribers for Dunhill Vacation News, a free travel newsletter for consumers. "The key to Dunhill Vacations' success is value and diversity. Our team has 100+ years experience in the travel industry; our in depth knowledge of this industry allows us to locate and promote the best travel deals available," said Kurt Homfelt, President of Dunhill Vacations.

The website, is also gaining more visitors at a rapid pace, averaging over 600,000 visitors per month. The site offers an array of travel deals, travel tips, destination information and a travel personality quiz.

"The focus is not just on a wide variety of vacations. Yes, there are the great last minute travel deals, but at the same time, there are exotic trips, vacation rentals, all inclusives and cruise offers of every level. The consumer who is searching for their vacation on DunhillVacations.com or through Dunhill Vacation News, the email newsletter, can be confident they will be getting their money's worth," said Ilizabeth Sutera, Marketing Director.
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