Fawns love carrots.
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Iron Mountain Jewelery rescues an orphaned fawn. (via Cute Overload)

Wildlife Fawn Rescue on what to do if you find a fawn (advice assumes mother is still alive, and Iron Mountain's fawn's mom wasn't). If you live in Sonoma County, you can raise your own.

If you see a fawn by the side of the road and there's no evidence its mother is dead, she's gone off for food and will return shortly. Leave the fawn alone.
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I think I might be overloading on cute.
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Didn't these people read The Yearling? I consider that chewed afghan to be grim foreshadowing indeed...
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Once in awhile we have to holler "Drake, spit the deer out,"

I'm getting Sylvester, Tweety and Granny flashbacks now.
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The samaritan impulse is sweet and Jet is adorable, but did they try and find him a wildlife rehabilitator before doing DIY? It's very important when raising an orphaned animal to minimize the social contact the baby has with humans and domestic animals. Otherwise you have a so-called wild animal who doesn't recognize that other humans besides its foster parents should be avoided, and it can never be safely released into the wild. Unless the original foster parents can keep it, there's not much future for a tame, adult deer, given that most people consider them either food or nuisances. And that's ignoring the danger to the public of a deer staying near human habitations and roads, where it could get run over and hurt someone in a car accident...

Anyway. I'm just wondering what these people's plans for re-acclimating Jet to the wild is.
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William Stafford - Traveling Through The Dark

Traveling through the dark I found a deer
dead on the edge of the Wilson River road.
It is usually best to roll them into the canyon:
that road is narrow; to swerve might make more dead.

By glow of the tail-light I stumbled back of the car
and stood by the heap, a doe, a recent killing;
she had stiffened already, almost cold.
I dragged her off; she was large in the belly.

My fingers touching her side brought me the reason--
her side was warm; her fawn lay there waiting,
alive, still, never to be born.
Beside that mountain road I hesitated.

The car aimed ahead its lowered parking lights;
under the hood purred the steady engine.
I stood in the glare of the warm exhaust turning red;
around our group I could hear the wilderness listen.

I thought hard for us all--my only swerving--,
then pushed her over the edge into the river.
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Damn pyramid. You didn't have to go and make the whole internet cry.
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Anyway. I'm just wondering what these people's plans for re-acclimating Jet to the wild is.

They look rural, I expect they'll probably keep him as a yard pet.
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There was a relatively recent FPP about a woman who took in an orphaned coyote, wasn't there? My Google-fu is failing me.
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Here is the FPP I was thinking of.
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i heard something about that, too.
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I saw this on Cute Overload and thought to myself, should I post this? naw, it's probably been posted...
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Adorable spotted fawn. Love the pics of him with the cat but I had the same concerns - sounds like the couple don't care about their yard being nibbled, so maybe Jet will have a long, profitable life eating carrots and rose bushes?
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