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Plate tectonics early in its history have been suggested as an explanation of Mars' unsymmetrical shape. Multiple impacts [pdf] have been proposed. Or possibly, it's the result of a single, highly energetic impact....
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Well, it's now thought that Earth took a hit like that, so why not Mars, too? (The Earth impact event resulted in formation of the Moon, among other things.)
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Plate tectonics early in its history have been suggested
I'm not going to parse this But there is a subject/verb dissagreement here.
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Occam's razor suggests that aliens did it just to mess with us.
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What if, like, our Solar system, like, is a bunch of particles and someone is hurling other particles at us, like, if we were in a giant cosmic CERN ATLAS machine? And they tried to create some sort of reaction? And that reaction was US????

Think about it.
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Neale Adams (known more for his comic book art than science) would argue that Mars instead, is growing.

To me, its all about the winning theory. Neal Adam's theories (which are actually based on Warren Carey's theory of an expanding earth from the 50's) are largely disregarded by the scientific community today. But since we really don't know why Mars has its shape, I suggest the expanding Mars theory as a far more interesting explanation to tide us over until the answers are revealed. Think of it like creationism, and believe!
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Venus did it.
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