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"Meat Vision" allows Bacon Boy to propel sausages and corn dogs out of his eye sockets - A young man's art therapy produced a hero, Bacon Boy, and has been chosen by the Tacoma Museum of Glass as part of a traveling exhibit, "Kids Design Glass".

He created Bacon Boy as part of his program, during his treatment for acute myelogenous leukemia.

As they worked, a pound of bacon sizzled atop the glass furnace for atmosphere. Periodically, the glass artists shouted, "Bacon's cooking."
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Bacon Boy's secret-identity alter-ego needs to join the staff of the Post-Intelligencer so he can be commissioned to take pictures of him. I need pictures of Bacon Boy.

Of course, the publisher would probably just start a whole anti-Bacon Boy vendetta.
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Ok, I was really scared that the "propel[ling] sausages and corn dogs out of his eyesockets" thing was being done by a real, live person. Then, I was, in turn, excited and disappointed, but ultimately I was relieved.
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This superhero is useless without pictures.
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Bacon for Vendetta!

Remember, remember the Fifth of November
Hot omelettes and potatoes, we're makin'.
I see ev'ry reason why eggs, scallions and taters
Should be fried up with crispy bacon.

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there are pics of past winners' creations, but I didn't see one that looked very bacon-y, so I'm guessing Bacon Boy hasn't been added yet...
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Worthless FPP without a picture.
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Should I link this here, or in the previous plush particles post?
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I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your comic book.
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I don't mind having a little left to the imagination. I was moved by the story of this child's creativity finding an outlet in the middle of a heartbreaking diagnosis. Sometimes the description carries enough without the benefit of "gee-whiz!" illustration, and anyway I'm glad to learn programs like KDG provide this opportunity for creative young minds.
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Bacon boy?
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I saw Bacon Boy and a really greased-up Eggy Gal doin' it Sunny Side Up.
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Please forgive me.
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Meat Boy.
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skyper - I don't mind leaving something to the imagination either, but it would have been nice if at least one of the articles had featured a drawing made by the artist in question. It's supposed to be about him and his work. We needn't see the final translation into glass, but a simple scan of one drawing would have helped.
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More here than meats the eye.
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