Mexican aerophones
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Mexican Aerophones are wind musical instruments or artifacts that can generate sounds or noise with air jets and one or several resonator chambers of globular, tubular and other shapes. Roberto Velasquez, a mechanical engineer, has recreated some of these aerophones. Example sounds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (.wav files)
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Main link is borked.
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Bummer. I'm getting Sorry, Service Temporarily Unavailable for the audio files, as well as for practically every link from that first page. Otherwise, this is a post after my own heart...

From the 2nd link: "Noisemakers made of natural materials were integral part of life"

Well, considering we're talking pre-Colombian, I reckon synthetic materials would've been a bit unlikely!
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Very interesting - but it really needs to be somewhere better than Geocities.
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Is coral cache still around?
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That's freaky. 3 and 5 sound very much much like birds hanging around and chatting with a bit of aggression. 1, 2, and 4 are like full on birds of prey that are about to descend on you and rip you apart. I choose 3 and 5.
"including some of unknown use"
Dog callers, maybe.
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That was terrifying.
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