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Living on the Edge Welcome to Ronda, a beautiful city in southern Spain which is split in two by el Tajo gorge. As a result, certain buildings have been perched on the edge of the gorge’s vertical walls, enormous cliffs bridged by the 200 year old Peunte Neuvo.

Now, although living on the edge of that gigantic 130m crack would give me the shakes, I'd much rather live there than Bonifacio…
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My wife and I visited Ronda on our honeymoon a number of years back -- it was as gorgeous (pun intended) as these pictures indicate. Thanks for the reminder!
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suddenly my home near the top of a 27 story building doesn't seem so high-up.
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Thanks, bwg!
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This city was also featured in the Madonna video "Take a Bow" (link to youtube). It's really lovely, and known as the birthplace of modern bullfighting.
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>it was as gorgeous (pun intended) as these pictures indicate

Hey, that can also refer to "gore," as in what bulls do to unlucky matadors.

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Ronda is absolutely beautiful. Getting there is frightening as hell, or was when I went--a long, long trip along a winding road with regular unguarded plunges where you could occasionally see the wreckage of an unlucky traveler. The city, the people, the food and the history are fantastic. On my wall, I have a photo of a Spaniard riding his horse across a culvert or old Roman structure of some sort. What a great place.
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Great, now I have Aerosmith and Bon Jovi stuck in my head. I hope you're happy, bwg.

Whoah-oh, we're halfway there...
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known as the birthplace of modern bullfighting

You don't have to worry about the bull coming back at you after he charges your cape.
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Great, now I have Aerosmith and Bon Jovi stuck in my head. I hope you're happy, bwg.

Well, we aim to please.
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Ooh.. Ooh.. Now I can post bonifacio pictures.

I went out there with my wife a few years ago. The whole place is amazing. Plus there's a kickass restaurant near the harbor that will make you a killer 40 euro bowl of Bouillabaise.

It's neat because it's not just a big, gorgeous, dangly city. There's some stuff built in the outside of that cliff face.

Specifically, a HUGE set of stairs (187 steps I think).

Called the "Steps of Aragon" and apparently carved in a single night. Something to do with the King of Aragon, but I haven't done any major research into the topic.

Either way, they're awesome. Huge, treacherous and scary with a killer view.

Long view from the water.

Top of steps.

Looking left from the top. Bonifacio proper is left of this area.

Looking down the steps.

Looking up the steps. Note the rusty and rickety handrail.

At the bottom you get to a really narrow path.

Path left

Path Right

Walking along the open area leads to an inlet.

Inlet with tourist(me)

Continuing along leads you to a cave.

Creepy Cave

You can't see it in the picture, but inside the cave is a giant set of rusty metal bars. The cave went back pretty far. It was either storage, or a tunnel system like you get in some of the other islands.
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We stopped for a beer in Castellfollit de la Roca on the way back from a hike this past February. The view from the church tower at the end of the town is pretty seriously amazing. But it didn't feel dangerous or scary or anything, just really pretty.
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There's an autopista to go to Ronda now. Definitely worth seeing, beautiful bridge.
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