Gerd Arntz and the origins of the stick figure
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The Gerd Arntz Web Archive collects graphics from the career of the man who - in creating over 4000 Isotypes for social scientist Otto Neurath in 1930s Red Vienna - can make a serious claim to be the inventor of the modern stick figure. He attacked the corruption of German society as the Nazis rose to power, then joined Neurath in an attempt to create a transnational visual language that bore later fruit in Otl Aicher's 1972 Olympic pictograms and the AIGA passenger/pedestrian symbol signs. [via Mark Larson and Austin Kleon]
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He was the icon maker before there were computers. Thanks mediareport.
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Yep, that's us Dutch.

nice, thanks
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With all due respect, Émile Cohl's characters predate Neurath's "modernizing" of stick figures.
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Awesome! I wish I had someplace to use these symbols...
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Tangentially-related: from 1979's Anarchy Comics #2, Paul Mavrides and Jay Kinney present: Kultur Dokuments (pdf), featuring The Picto Family and The Political Bizarros, in which we see the newly-radicalized proletarian Pictos seize control of their graphic style, and a fun Archie parody.

And, on further exploration, previously.
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In the industry category - Cut the bull?
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Cool stuff, thanks mediareport!
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With all due respect, Émile Cohl's characters predate Neurath's "modernizing" of stick figures.

Well, with all due respect, you rock. I love early film and *really* love early animation and had never heard of Cohl before. That first link is brilliant stuff. Thanks, Smart Dalek.
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Thanks mediareport (+ Smart Dalek). Great post! (also: this)
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