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With 'Lively' Google tries something more interactive in the 3d space after buying SketchUp in 2006.

Tools to create modifications to the environment and avatars haven't been announced... Also, no OSX version yet.
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You had me at "sex island". You lost me at "requires Windows Vista or XP".
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I thought this was going to be about the Don Ingalls lively which is a pretty cool piece of tech.
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Nice landing on the googleblog referrer list.
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Will we be able to use spore creatures as avatars?
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Looks kind of boring but who knows what the kids are into these days. I have a friend who works at a Silicon Valley Startup that makes 3d chat avatars for people. I can't imagine why someone would want to use one, but apparently someone does.
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It's VRML all over again.
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It's like they ran out of stuff for all the new hires to do.

I'm glad I'm not starting work there in a month.
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Yeah, this is pretty crappy at the moment, even with the Beta/Labs qualifier. The navigation is painful, the commenting system is wonky, and I don't really see what future it has at the moment. I'm wondering... did they make this from scratch or buy out somebody? There are many other much more fleshed-out 3D world programs out there...
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The real question is: how non-standard will its Django implementation be?
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3D chatrooms are the future. 1998's future, that is.
I might be entirely missing the point of it, tho
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(Runs to get his Microsoft Virtual Chat VRML t-shirt on.)

Did I miss anything?
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I'm glad I'm not starting work there in a month.

You can't be serious? Who wouldn't want a job where you don't "really" have anything to do and get to sit around and implement cool ideas you've had kicking around in your head just for the hell of it?

(That said, people at Google get 20% of their time to work on side projects, and a lot of Google labs products come from this, I think. So it may be that rather then think this might make a lot of money for Google in the short term, someone might have just thought it would be fun to do, and maybe provide an advertising venue sometime, and maybe not.)
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There's a Monster Island, and a Sex Island, but no Monster Sex Island?

Google, what happened? You used to be cool.
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I just don't see any way this is useful or fun.

For chat, it's way more of a hassle than instant messaging, email, etc. If users want to set up a chat room to plan something with friends, they'll all have to have this for it to work. If users want an IRC-style talk-to-anyone room, IRC already has more street cred (at the expense of ease of use). Forums abound, Twitter is taking off (or its competitors). I see this as an annoying and useless interface to meet a need that has been met in a variety of ways

For gaming, it's not a game. There are already places like Habbo Hotel (and a crapton of MMORPGS) which offer lots of social space already. Entering the market this late will mean it takes a lot to win over new users.
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Maybe I'm just grumpy tonight, but is anyone else sick and motherfucking tired of Google? Pardon my language but like seriously.
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Does Lively offer virtual childcare?
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Can I create an avatar of Fonzie on a motorbike and set it to perpetually jump a shark tank in Lively, then go do something marginally less worthless with my time? Because that's the only think I can think of doing with this crapdablet.
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My only hope is that it may, finally, provide an easy way for you to punch someone in the face over the internet.
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I tried Lively last night and it was the best VRML throwback ever. I found myself staring at a tiny graphics window in my browser and waited 10 minutes for one room to fully load, and once it did, I had a grand old time manuvering around with an FPS rate in the single digits while people around me spammed actions with sound and asked important questions about everybody's age, gender, and physical location in the real world.

If this is 1998 then I want my dotcom-era salary back, dammit.
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If this is anywhere as hard to figure out as SketchUp, it won't go anywhere.
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Lively may be a bunch of crap destined for the scrapheap, and VMRL may be as useful as a Model T Ford, smart money would certainly back the development of highly customizable avatars that can move between applications. People will invest unbelievable amounts of time and effort into styling and personalizing these. They're important to them. If people care, buy stock. But is there a credible effort at the moment to develop an application neutral avatar, usable in a variety of social apps?
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zomg snow crash for realsies this time?
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Sex Island? Second Life has Sex Continents!
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No sex for Mac. Boo hiss.
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No Linux, no Mac ... no me.

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Don't worry, you're really not missing anything much at the moment.
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Sex Island? Second Life has Sex Continents!

Ahhh yes, I remember the last time I was in continent...
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My friends who still work at Google are as baffled as I am at this release. The Palace? Really? In 2008?
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Oh, also, don't believe the nonsense about this being a "20% project". There's no way something this complex was launched as a spare time thing from a couple of dedicated people working late at night.
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Sex Island and Monster Isle appear to be the same.
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Grumble. Grumble. Maybe I'm stuck in the 90s, but I'm really waiting for someone to do VR chat right. Responsive (like a FPS), scalable, decentralized (like the web), accessible (multiple OSs, low CPU requirements), democratic and consensus based, but moderated against spammy penis ads and furries and goreans. (Yes, I'm a hypocrite.) And scripting language/design environments that don't suck.

And where are the home VR helmets that we were promised? And home body motion capture/tactile feedback could also be done pretty cheaply with current tech, too. Screw flying cars. Even so, is voice chat really all that hard to pull off?
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Ultimately, the only thing interesting about Second Life is user-level scripting. Without that, browser integration or not, Lively is doomed.

Skwirl: Voice chat is not the no-brainer you think it is. While you can customize an avatar in many ways, including into things completely divorced from your real self, you're pretty much stuck with your voice.
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JHarris: you're pretty much stuck with your voice.
Not true. Realtime voice-altering technology exists right now, and I fully expect to see it added to Second Life at some point, so that middle-aged men can more convincingly roleplay teenage girls. And vice-versa.
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You know... this Lively thing actually got me interested in the Internet again, for a little while. It's frustrating as hell, and slow, and sucktastic... but even though it tried to drag my computer down a black hole, it was still interesting.

Anyway, since this has the support of a real company that at least supposedly gives a shit about people, maybe it'll be better than Second Life. Here's hoping, anyway.

I'm still waiting, I guess, for the world of Snow Crash to materialize.
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Oh, and btw, someone needs to create a MetaFilter room in Lively.
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Although I must say, the 3-D world I'm most looking forward to inhabiting right now is the upcoming Diablo III.
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