And so you're back, from outer space ...
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Not literate analysis. Not a fresh insight into a perennial problem ransacking the world. Not an obituary. But ... well ... Chewbacca dancing with a Jawa to "Footloose", Leia singing to Padme that "mommy dear, girls just want to have fun" (with a Gamorrean Guard with a red-haired fright wig), and were I to tell you the third ...

... that'd spoil it, but suffice it to say the heavy breathing's well-suited to that number. Then, next up, we have the prior year, where a pair of star-crossed siblings who oddly give off a Donny & Marie-type vibe, and a couple of exes meet up and sound off. And if you've chafed at your childhood memories being ransacked in such an amateur fashion, then have them professionally assassinated by LucasFilm in CGI. If you need an antacid after all that, this really isn't half-bad (it really needs to be seen larger for the scale of it, but that link's a download). (And here's a few more antacids.)
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Fortunately George Lucas' latest Indiana Jones saga gave us the term "nuke the fridge" to describe this Star Wars dance phenomenon.
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These were not the nerds I was looking for.
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I dunno. I thought it was awesome.
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Thank you very much for posting this. I needed a laugh very badly as I was having a terrible afternoon and this provided many.
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I'm happy that all my undergrad drama friends are gainfully employed. Keep reaching for the stars, y'all!
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Same planet, different worlds.
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that's some goofball fun right there.

although when i see storm troopers dancing, all i can think of is the musical edition of star wars, which had tap-dancing stormtroopers.
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It felt cheesy and wrong and I wanted to look away. But I just HAD to know what that 3rd one featuring Vader was. Out of mere reflex, I smiled and actually clapped out loud for a second.

I'm starting to think Disney bought my soul as a child and controls my smile via remote. But maybe this video helped me to realize that important fact.
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Darth Vogue!
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Thanks for the post, especially that third bit in the first video was great. Although now I want to see storm troopers line dancing, or perhaps doing one of those silly Riverdance things. I guess the closest the internet has gotten to that so far is the R2D2 Chorus Line.
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god. this is worse than the christmas special.
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