You're drowning in the past, Mike. But I've got your life vest right here: it's called the 80's, and it's gonna be around forever!
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Channel 101 spoof of Turkish cinema, "Return to Supermans" Starring Hunter Stair, David Lyons and Hollywood Steve of Yacht Rock. Good Wikipedia overview of Yacht Rock.
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And on the seventh day, God begat Yacht Rock, which begat Return To Supermans which begat tears of joy from mine eyes. Amen.
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Those people are only in one episode of the series, which stars, if it stars anyone, Willy Roberts and Katharine La Ronde.
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Perhaps, yes. Howevar, Superman am still dick.
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That was awesome. Love The Yacht Rock.

I am return home now...
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This is insanely fantastic!

I haven't laughed this hard at something on the Internet in weeks!

The theme of "smooth music" is a bit foreign to me, but the Jethro Tull and Van Halen episodes had tears coming down my face.

Metafilter at its best. Clearly sidebar material.

Thank you!
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Yeah, the Yacht Rock guys were just guest stars in the KISS episode. Great episode, though. Hollywood Steve as Paul Stanley was perfect.

If you like Yacht Rock and like this, watch more Channel 101 shows. They are almost all great. The current favorite, Water and Power, a Law and Order spoof featuring utility departments, is an instant classic. Also take a look at:

Stop It
Planet Unicorn
Groove Fighters
2 Girls 1 Cup The Show
Gregory Shitcock, PI
Laser Fart
Phone Sexxxers
The 'Bu
The Wastelander
Time Belt
Twigger's Holiday
Your Magic Touched Me Nights

Those are just some of my favorites (and some of the most popular in general as well), there are hundreds of shows ranging from single episodes to 10+ episode epics.
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Also, Channel 101 cofounder Dan Harmon writes what is probably the greatest personal blog on the entire Internet. In a recent entry, he writes his version of a Law and Order cold opening in which the two detectives bicker about Briscoe's wisecrack until Lt. Van Buren squats and releases a passenger train from her vagina, which subsequently speeds towards ground zero and rebuilds the World Trade Center. Yeah.
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Love Yacht Rock, love Classroom.

I notice alot of crossover talent here including (the brilliant) Mike Rose and Tyler Spiers.

These are really great. Theyve taken a one-note premise and made it fly over multiple episodes.
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Holy shit, I forgot to mention Cautionary Tales of Swords. Definitely watch that one, and if you don't dig the first two episodes, stick with it because it totally changes halfway through. Drew Hancock is probably the most talented director making digital shorts on the planet.

And yeah, everything Spiers/Rose do is total gold. Their most recent show, Stop It, just came to an end, and I can't wait to see what they do next. Mike Rose needs to be on my TV every week, he's totally brilliant. Although if he went on to more mainstream success, I'd be afraid they'd just typecast him as the wacky gay neighbor/sidekick/etc.
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I think the real story here is that there is now an 11th episode of Yacht Rock. Holy moly!
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Turks is speak bad Engrish! Let us mcock them!

Funny funny!
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Oh man, YR#11 leaves us with more questions than we started with. How does Loggins get to recording Danger Zone? He mentioned McDonald tricking him into recording theme songs, but didn't Sweet Freedom come after this? And did Hollywood Steve marry his coworker after saving her from choking? "Sarah. Are you there? Are you there? Sarah."
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Turks is speak bad Engrish! Let us mcock them!

Actually, if you'd pay closer attention to or actually watch the show rather than looking for an excuse for tedious righteous indignation, you might notice that no one speaks any English. There is poor English subtitling, however. The show is a loving tribute to mostly-Turkish ultra-low-budget ripoffs of Hollywood productions, such as Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (Turkish Star Wars), Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (Turkish Star Trek), Süpermen dönüyor (Turkish Superman), and Spider-Man Tokusatsu (Japanese Spiderman). It's not mocking anything. That would be like saying Quentin Tarantino mocks blaxploitation and 70s pop culture.
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I watched about half of the show. It was shitful. Watch your shit and enjoy it, that's fine with me. It is still, in my view, essence of distilled excrement.

This is my opinion, and you have your own. Great. Super.
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Hey! Joel Hodgson (of Mystery Science Theater and Cinematic Titanic) was in the latest episode of Water and Power.
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I watched about half of the show. It was shitful. Watch your shit and enjoy it, that's fine with me. It is still, in my view, essence of distilled excrement.

Make up your mind, dude. Is it offensive because it supposedly "mcocks" Turks for their poor English, or is it simply bad? If you think it's just bad, then say so rather than busting out the fashionable indignation.
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I think it reeks on every level. Or is that too ambiguous for you?
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