Ancient, Medieval and Classic Works
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In Parentheses is a collection of many ancient, medieval and classic texts from all over the world, many of whom are hard to find anywhere, let alone on the internet. There are translations from Greek, Old Norse, Medieval Irish, Japanese, Incan, Old French, Medieval Latin and many more! As well as all that they have papers in medieval studies and vaguely decadent and orientalism series. Adding to that there's a linguistics section with wordlists and language flash cards in languages such as Icelandic, Quechua, Basque, Classical Armenian and a whole bunch more. [flashcard links go to pdf files]
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This great--even more comprehensive than Medieval Sourcebook! Thanks for posting!
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If I could favorite this a dozen times, I would. Really great find. Thanks for sharing.
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"Many of whom"??? Paging Daddy-O.
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A book's a living thing, no?
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I read The Tale of Thorstein Staff-smitten.

If someone slighted you in any way, you had to kill them or become a pariah. They had to go raiding just to keep from exterminating themselves.
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You know, I've already read some of these (or parts of them) in college. This is one of those times I get to feel smug about spending the big money and going to a Jesuit university. Ahhhh...I'm so well-rounded...

(these times make it possible for me to make my student loan payment every month without crying)
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also, very cool post, btw.
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This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much for posting this.
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I love this so much I'm favoriting this post despite the "of whom".
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Oh, and can I just say that the footnoted "Liberation Philology" on the flashcards made me giggle a whole lot.

For those who don't get why: reference.
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Kick ass, thanks for posting.
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(upon a closer look)

Medieval Canadian???
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Great post!! Give me more! I've already read two stories. Way cool, I even had to skim the Medieval Canadian entry. Ummm. I had no idea!
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The Icelandic flash cards are neat; another free source for learning the Icelandic language online is offered by the University of Iceland. I have no idea if it is any good, however.
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I'm geeking out so hard I'm pretty sure my brains are about to hit the ceiling! Awesome!
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Thank you.
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Oh, neat! Thanks for posting this. You've just made my day!
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