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Just when you were getting tired of all this typing and clicking, a little slice of sci-fi has finally made it to real life. Let the calm-voiced folks at Emotiv Systems usher in the latest advancements in the brain-computer interface realm, where a thought, a wink, and a wave might replace the keyboard and mouse.

Although I'd still rather just play a few games of Mindball (previously).
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Computer? Hello... computer?
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This sounds like it would be cool to play for a while, but will probably lead to the mental and physical ruination of future generations.

I can't even muster that much excitement for the technology, I just imagine doughy children with twitchy faces refusing to leave a world in which they can move mountains.
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With all the brain cells I killed from all my alcoholic drinking days, you might not want to be near me when I have this thing on.
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I'm glad to see that the future is finally here.
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I've been waiting for my Starship Troopers gear for a while.
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This technology will be great for people with RSIs, someday.
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I've been reading about exactly this technology coming out for games since the 80s. I swear there was one released for the coleco vision or something like that.
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(thinking hard at screen)


(thinking harder)


(would be burning the screen if I had heat vision)

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sebastienbailard: This technology will be great for people with RSIs, someday.

Wait until you have to hire a psychologist to help you over come Repetitive Thought Disorders:

"To help you overcome your inability to stop opening porn sites, we've set up the HOSTS file on your machine to redirect them to a special video file. It's an early-21st-century form of psychic torture called, where'd I put that note... ah, 'I'm Never Gonna Give You Up,' by one Dr. Rick Astley."
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Oh, for sure, JHarris. If I can't even make an automated phone tree understand my spoken words, I'm sure as hell not going to trust my computer with my thoughts.
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Yes, I know some victims of RSIs who would love such a machine. I imagine they'd happily buy expensive real EEG machines, but I'm not sure how current software fares with a full computer interface.
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I know some folks who work at Emotiv, and I've gotten to play with it. It's quite cool. You can even use it to control fire: http://labs.false-profit.com/blog/2008/05/17/pyrocranium/
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