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"New Deal Programs: Selected Library of Congress Resources was created to serve as a starting point for research using Library of Congress collections of New Deal program materials." Includes links to numerous collections of digitized materials, including photos, posters, music, manuscripts and more.

Some of these individual sites have been linked here before, but the "New Deal Programs" portal in the first link is the first time the individual collections have been...uh... collected by the LOC.
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LOC rocks! Thanks for this post.
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Can you imagine anything like the WPA today? Unthinkable, even for the Democrats.
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Shorpy has been mining this site for a couple years. Unfortunately he doesn't backlink to where he gets the pics from (many are from other LoC archives, or private archives), so if you want higher-res, non-sepia, or non-watermarked versions of his posts, this is one place to look.

I'll continue to be a fan of Shorpy, incidentally, because I like the slow trickle of random picks from history that appear in my RSS reader.
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Yeah, the Shorpy guy is kind of a dick, but he usually gives just enough backstory to be able to find the originals — photographer's name, location, event, etc. used to have an incredibly fucked up session-based URL system — you couldn't link to things directly, to make a permanent link you had to get really clever with crafting searches.

In the last few years they've reworked a lot of their backend software so that most links are permanent.
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