Penguins and more penguins.
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Like penguins? Hey, who doesn't, right? So, head over to PenguinScience for all your penguin needs. Recommended: their "Webisode" documentary on Blondie, the rare "blonde" penguin, which also features footage of another thoroughly adorable genetic mutation: an all black penguin.

Thanks to fourcheesemac, as I found PenguinScience in the links section of the Polar bloggers site from his recent FPP.
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Like penguins?

Nah. Too salty.
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I can walk like a penguin! (Sorry, whenever I hear the word "penguin," this memory gets triggered.)

Thanks for this FPPP (Front Page Penguin Post)!
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I can identify with this guy.
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My friend once wrote an article comparing penguins to koala bears after visiting Australia and New Zealand. The basic gist was, koala bears get stoned and sleep three quarters of their life away, while the poor penguin is faced with unbearable harshness in its life. For example, they have no knees. Which isn't a big problem when you're swimming, but makes walking on land very cumbersome. And you have to constantly worry about becoming some seal's snack. They build nests out of rocks. And to make those nests, they wake up extremely early in the morning, then walk for miles (I guess there aren't that many easily-accessible rocks in Antarctica), then when they find the rock they want, they have to push it back to their nest with their head. This takes them hours just for a single rock (remember, no knees).
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I found that I like penguins a lot less now, after that movie taught me that they're all hardcore fundamentalist conservative Christians.
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What movie was that, Flunkie?
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I want the blond one and the all black one to mate. Battle of the mutations!!!
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What movie was that, Flunkie?

The Passion of the Aptenodytes.

Man, the pleasure that all those little Eudyptula got when they were scourging the King Penguin was just fucking sick. And did those fundies really have to take their kids to the cinema to have them witness that kind of barbarism in the name of religion?

I LOL at your spheniscidaetheology, and the belief that there's a great big King Penguin in the sky who watches over us all and gives a shit which orifice people put it in and who we choose to love.

And just in case any more proof of their madness is needed, see here.
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What movie was that, Flunkie?
Well, I was being sarcastic, of course - I like penguins just fine* - but I was referring to "March of the Penguins".

It was very popular among the crazy subset of Christians; a lot of them say the film proves such things as "evolution is a lie", "God exists", "abortion is murder", and (I assume this last one) "faggots, Muslims, atheists, and the ACLU are responsible for 9/11 and are going to Hell".

The director, of course, disagrees.

Here's a New York Times article about this phenomenon.

*: They're delicious!
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This article, Flunkie?
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Yes, that article. Sorry, I'm not sure how that happened. I'm pretty sure I even checked the link in preview.
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"March of the Penguins" [ . . . ] was very popular among the crazy subset of Christians; a lot of them say the film proves such things as "evolution is a lie", "God exists", "abortion is murder",

Ooh boy, yeah, I can't wait for Rise of the Platypi. Duck-billed beaver-tailed venom-clawed egg layers so FUCK YOU RICHARD DAWKINS
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Oh, and apparently they also write Linux file systems. Little known platypus fact.
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From the article:

"Please use the notebook, flashlight and pen provided," it says, "to write down what God speaks to you as He speaks it to you."

I suspect that during the run of this movie, many people were startled to hear God say "turn off that goddamn flashlight, this is a fucking movie theater you jackass."
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And of course....
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And the site has a Penguincam! Thank you!
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If you look very closely, you can see that the black penguin is actually a handpuppet.
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Sometimes I'm glad we don't live in New Zealand anymore, cos of all those penguins. Remember Bret, how there used to be all those penguins?
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Wanna see penguins live? (kinda resource hungry, so I'm sorry if break your 'puter)

Good site in general for all your penguin needs.

PS I mean see them on live camera, I swear I'm not trying to ransom your penguins.
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