buum bom boom bonk!
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Retronomatopeya - cute collection of comic book images and language conveying sound and motion. Also see anastasiav's prior post: Ka-BOOM, the Dictionary of Comic Book Words on Historical Principles. (via oink!)

Other fun (mostly Spanish) retro graphics sets on flickr from el estratografico:
- old urban stuff
- old paper stuff
- 50s Spanish sci fi novels
- old 45s
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Surely, you meant ¡buum bom boom bonk!
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The awesomeness kept me going quite a while against the tide of flickr's UI.
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I have one word for this: NGAA!
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I can dig it! dr_odio has some pretty cool vintage/weird sets—let's trade!
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No WANK, for shame
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I learned to read at a very young age; 2 or earlier, my parents think. They don't know for sure because I was a very introverted child. They didn't find out until they'd walked by my room one day and heard a small voice saying, "Ka-sprooooingg! Whoooosh!"

I'd walked off with one of my dad's MAD magazine comic collections and was reading all of the sound effects.
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My cousin, who's bilingual and grew up in Quebec, says that he always preferred to watch Batman in French because the sound effects cartooned on the screen were better:

«Paff! Spataflex Patau!»
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