Dictionary of Sex in the Bible
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And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible. It's Sunday, an ideal day for increasing one's knowledge.
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The biblical Hebrews, given God's commandment to "be fruitful and multiply" (Gen. 1:28)

What He really meant was "fuck off."
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This should be fun.... Blue touch paper - check. Matches - check. Add to favourites - check. Righteous indignation - in the post.

Sits back and waits.
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Song of Solomon (aka Song of Songs) is an entire book devoted to the topic of a sexual relationship, and it gets 5 paragraphs, whereas the majority of the rest of the articles seem to be longer, yet based on single stories or even single verses from other books. Seems a little imbalanced.

That said, I've always loved the prevalence of sex in the Bible and the frankness with which its approached. It shows that God created sex, just like the other parts of creation, for us to enjoy and glorify in. It seems odd that Christians of all people find the concept of sexuality so difficult to deal with and assimilate accordingly in their lifestyle, when you can barely get through a book, especially in the Old Testament, without running smack into some of the stories mentioned here.

On the other hand, I guess it shows that the struggle with the issue is by no means a new one.
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Long ago there were these two awful towns. Sodom, named after sodomy, and Gomorrah, which was named after an ever even weirder move...

The Professor Brothers teach Bible History
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Initially, clicking on the first link, the painting of God in heaven looked a lot like, well, a vagina.
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We tended to avoid Solomon's Song of Songs in Sunday school, and on the rare occasions it did come up, someone inevitably blurted out "Bow-chika-bow-ow!" or mentioned it being the porno section of the Bible.

It wasn't until I had grown up a little bit that I realized that Song of Songs isn't pornogoraphy, it's love poetry, and the pornography section is in Ezekiel.
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