Victorians, eminent and otherwise
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The Victorian Web is your one-stop resource for England in the Victorian era (1837-1901). The site is much too extensive to give but a flavor. It is divided into 20 categories, including Technology, Gender Matters, Economic Contexts, Authors, Political History, Theater and Popular Entertainment, Science and Genre and Technique. Here are a few examples of the articles inside: Inventions in Alice in Wonderland, The Role of the Victorian Army, Earth Yenneps: Victorian Back Slang (and a glossary of same), Algernon Charles Swinburne and the Philosophy of Androgyny, Hermaphrodeity, and Victorian Sexual Mores, Evolution, progress and natural laws and, of course, Queen Victoria.
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The Victorian Web has featured on the front page twice before (the first linked to the Punch subsite, and the other as a throwaway supporting link) but neither post was about the site itself or, for that matter, its multivaried wonders.
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I use this resource all the time when writing my essays, yay for legitimate academic resources that a person can trust.
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Wow, great post.

Both here and for about 4 paragraphs into the article, I was reading that as "black slang" and I was waiting patiently to get the part about negro slaves. It also made this sentence kind of hilarious: "In the mid-1960s a middle-aged London lady tried to teach me back slang."

Even a humorous note from Maxwell who for some reason I always thought was a dour Scot.
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At first I was just going to post the backslang links but I got lost in the entrails of The Victorian Web and decided that the site merited a proper FPP.

Though, as far as backslang goes, it's interesting to note its differences from French Verlan and that backslang has mostly disappered while Verlan persists. I don't suppose if anyone knows if rhyming slang exists in French today?
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A middle-aged London lady in the 1960s, or the 1860s for that matter, could well have been black.
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May I just add that the sidebar at (Mefi's own) The Little Professor contains an absolute plethora of links to all manner of Victoriana sites.
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Might I just add that Thomas J Wise's (never realized before TJW was female) blog is a delight in and of itself. Thanks for the link, peacay.
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the site merited a proper FPP

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Excellent post! I have a writing project that needed a resource like this and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see this.
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An important counterpart to the Victorian Web is the Victoria Research Web, a scholarly guide to locating and using all things Victorian. (The section on finding affordable lodgings in the UK, incidentally, may be of interest even to non-Victorianists.)
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