The Mr. T Name Generator.
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The Mr. T Name Generator. You know your Wu-Tang name; you know your prostitute name; now find out your Mr. T name. Fool.
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I guess it doesn't really qualify as a double post.
posted by john at 1:55 PM on May 1, 2001

My apologies - I read the discussion where you linked the generator, but apparently before you posted.
posted by binkin at 2:00 PM on May 1, 2001

Behold!! I am Fool!!! Bestow upon me thy Pity!!!
posted by Cavatica at 2:41 PM on May 1, 2001

Cavatica: Although I am not properly endorsed by the Right Reverend Mister Tee, consider yourself duly Pitied by me.

Good for a cute laugh - anything with Mr T is cool enough for this fool. And remember: Don't do drugs.
posted by davidmsc at 2:47 PM on May 1, 2001

Or be Somebody's Fool.
You haven't heard anything until you hear Mr. T sing "Treat Your Mother Right"
posted by owillis at 3:14 PM on May 1, 2001

I love it when a plan comes together.
posted by a3matrix at 3:52 PM on May 1, 2001

But they took out the part that made it funny! When the Mr. T Name Generator first went up yesterday, it had fields for:
First Name
Last Name
Home Phone
Work Phone
Social Security Number
Mother's Maiden Name

(The functionality was as it is now.)
posted by moss at 5:10 PM on May 1, 2001

Just gonna pitch in with some more links paying homage to the "T-ster"

Seanbaby's  pretty much cornered the Mr. T market...
Then there's this, even though the author doesn't seem to know who Mr. T is...
...and let's not forget the T'inator.
posted by Laugh_track at 7:12 PM on May 1, 2001

There is always Mr.T vs. da Pimps
posted by john at 9:02 PM on May 1, 2001

And Lo, they came far and wide to offer their Mr. T links.
The rich bounty that was Mr. T humor had spread all across the WWW.

Bring out your T!
posted by john at 9:15 PM on May 1, 2001

and of course, the ever popular How To Hide The Fact That You're Mr. T From Your Coworkers, as written by Mr. T.
posted by andrewraff at 8:30 AM on May 2, 2001

ummm...i couldn't help but notice that in order to get your 'mr. t' name or whatever...they ask for your first and last name, b-day, s.s.#, and mother's maiden name..........i wouldn't advise giving all of that info out...i think people can use that stuff against you.

or maybe i'm just paranoid. oh well
posted by jacobbailey at 5:27 PM on May 2, 2001

hahah, good one Jacob!
posted by john at 6:16 PM on May 2, 2001

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