A lifetime of lost playlists
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A lifetime of lost playlists Martin Belam offers a personal history of music formats and describing how he made playlists with each of them. I'd love for his conclusion to become a reality.
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I actually can't get some of his posts to show up on my screen - the page only displays the comments, and his actual essay is missing. (Including the conclusion.)
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Oooh. It's working fine for me. I'm using Firefox 3 on XP, and there aren't any comments. Funny.
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It's a fascinating series of posts - I've been reading it for the past few weeks, and it gives a lovely personal overview of how the way we interact with music has changed. Belam's always good value, though.
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IE 7 isn't showing the main text, & neither is the Google Cache, even in text-only mode.
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A Shazam/iTunes mashup would indeed be fantastic.
Am I the only one that feels guilty when I turn off a song before it's fully over because it won't be counted as a play in itunes?
Please tell me I'm not.
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Ok. Switching the ends of comments from --> to --!> makes it work again. There's a column on the right side containing a bio, & that shows up then too.
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You're not, minifigs.
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Shazam for the iphone: "Shazam lets you preview and buy the song through the iTunes store right on the phone."
I left a comment with the html fix I mentioned.
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Ooh. This goes straight to my music-lovin' heart. Thank you for posting. I had no idea this blog existed, and now I get to explore it between tasks today. Yay.

I wish we could make our own vinyl records easily and somewhat affordably, as they are harder to corrupt, persist for many more years, and if we end up in a non-digital world, turntables can be built by hand.
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This guy needs a Squeezebox. iPod/iTunes works for the masses, but for this guy?
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Good stuff. He also did a nice series about working in Reckless Records.
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Setting up a video playlist on Youtube is a decent start toward the celestial jukebox. I think editing them together might also be coming up soon, but that might be me daydreaming to the latest Girl Talk album.
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2005 - now: The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers,

I lol'ed.
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