question your science professional
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question your science professional MD, PhD, specialist. I've always thought you should seriously question their input on all their advise but most ppl don't.
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Doctors and Science professionals are generally (in my limited experience) more screwed up than the average joe. And if you don't believe me, perhaps the story gives us all a good reason to doubt them.
posted by greyscale at 10:51 PM on May 1, 2001

Doubt them? You mean... be skeptical? Like a scientist?
posted by techgnollogic at 11:16 PM on May 1, 2001

Just like in every day life there are some bad seeds in the scientific community. That's what makes everything average. And of course you should always doubt scientists, doctors etc. They're only people....
posted by nonharmful at 12:25 AM on May 2, 2001

Ms. Gilchrist was hired by the Oklahoma City Police Department in 1980 as a crime laboratory chemist and had undergone training at the F.B.I. academy in Quantico, Va., as well as the Serological Research Institute in Emeryville, Calif.

Note: no PhD or MD.

Let's stop the overly broad slanders.
posted by LAM at 5:41 AM on May 2, 2001

In my experience medical doctors are whacked in the head. Many think they know it all but when questions are asked and they can't provide an answer they do their best to get you the hell out to preserve their egos. I've had doctors tell me my illness doesn't exist because they haven't heard of it. I guess they should call the feds because NIH is spending a pretty penny on research.
posted by @homer at 6:21 AM on May 2, 2001

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