Lego Olympics
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The Hong Kong Lego Users Group created an exhibition called Lego Sport City, a recreation of the Olympic Village in Lego. It's 3m x 8m, and has over 300,000 bricks; you can read more about it here and here. Brickshelf has a very comprehensive collection of photos here, including a lot of shots showing the construction and the smaller details. [Via /.]
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Lest we forget the Olympic Village replica built from 140,000 playing cards.
posted by ericb at 7:50 PM on August 18, 2008

Surely this must be breaking some kind of exclusive-ad-revenue-sponsorship arrangement.

posted by gottabefunky at 9:51 PM on August 18, 2008

The Greeks didn't build with their own technology, you know. Only Imperial Stormtroopers could be so precise.
posted by Fiasco da Gama at 10:43 PM on August 18, 2008

I dunno. I think it's kickass. A bit small, maybe, but still kickass.
posted by Phire at 11:14 PM on August 18, 2008

Point of order... it's actually a recreation of elements of the Olympic Green and some structures.

The watercube is pretty freakin awesome, though.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 1:43 AM on August 19, 2008

Pure awesomeness.
posted by Vindaloo at 6:20 AM on August 19, 2008

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My god, that's almost more of an achievement than Michael Phelps' record 8 medals!
posted by zenja72 at 4:50 PM on August 19, 2008

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