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The evolution of the US presidential campaign ad, 1952 to 1996... 1952: Eisenhower-Nixon (We Like Ike, The Man from Abilene) vs Stevenson-Sparkman (I Love the Gov [apologies for the intro], Ike... Bob..., Vote Stevenson/The Music Man, (Remember the Farmer, Back to the Days of '31). Bonus: Newsreels dealing with the campaigns. 1956: Eisenhower-Nixon (Eisenhower Answers America: The Cost of Living [excerpt], Corruption (california spot)) vs Stevenson-Kefauver (How's that again, General?, The Man from Libertyville [same annoying intro], Ad-lee, Ad-lie). Bonus: Election Day newsreel, including a santa Claus arriving in a flying saucer; Eisenhower, Suez, and hungary in 1956.

1960: Kennedy/Johnson (Harry Belafonte for Kennedy, West Virginia PRIMARY reel, Every Republican.../Nixon's Experience [higher quality version as part of this reel of Kennedy ads], Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy, If We Fail..., Viva Kennedy, Medical Care for our Older Citizens) vs Nixon-Lodge (Peace without Surrender, A Little Help from Ike, Lodge: Our Responsibility is Great). Bonus: Nixon, a year after the election, playing his piano concerto; Nixon/Kennedy bio and debate, other parts of whicdh, dealing solely with Nixon and his life, are available here; Kennedy's inauguration, (part 2), Kennedy on November 9th, 1960.
1964: Johnson-Humphrey (I don't feel guilty being a Republican, Goldwater needs the KKK's help, The Daisy Ad, Which Barry?/Remember Him?, Great Society, Saw off the Eastern Seaboard [annoying intro]) vs Goldwater-Miller (I Don't like No-Win Wars, Bearded Dictator, 90-miles off/The Hand of Big Government/Is Moral Responsibility Out of Style/I Pledge Allegiance). Bonus: Johnson's 1965 inauguration newsreel, more on his inauguration.
1968: Nixon-Agnew (Honourable End, Endorsed by Bush/Endorsed by Baker, Freedom from Fear, Do Something WITH your Country, American Youth, Speaking For You, So Ineffectively as in Vietnam) vs Humphrey-Muskie (What has Nixon ever done for you?, Agnew for VP [annoying intro], Nixon's Silence, Political Winds, Do you want Castro to have the bomb?) vs Wallace-LeMay (Wallace has the courage).
1972: Nixon-Agnew (Nixon Now) vs McGovern-Shriver (This is about..., You have to make those hard decisions, He was hired by James McCord/Don't want to rock the boat/assorted 1984 primary advertisements, Our Economy... [annoying intro]). Bonus: CBS on Nixon's re-election efforts, in January, 1972; Nixon goes on Soviet TV; Shirley Maclaine goes on Cavett for McGovern.
1976: Carter-Mondale (I'm a Southerner (annoying intro), It's hard Work (Rosalyn Carter) (annoying intro), The Republicans assure us/two 1980 commercials, We've built walls) vs Ford-Dole (He was...). Bonus: Carter profile, Ford's debate gaffe, Ford at Republican National Convention, Reagan's Impromptu Concession speech, Ford's bicentennial minute, Mark Russell's special on the '76 campaign (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Dole: Democratic wars.
1980: Reagan-Bush (Nancy deeply resents..., Ted Kennedy: No More, Can we afford four more years?, George Bush: a president we won't have to train [primary commercial, 25 seconds in], Slowly we slip..., Biographical sketch: a State of Crisis, The Ayatollah Votes, Home-owning and inflation, Inflation and the elderly) vs Carter-Mondale (Two men are the real contenders..., Jimmy Carter, Commander in Chief. Bonus: clip of the Reagan-Carter debate ("there you go again"), and that phrase reprised in the Reagan-Mondale debate, Reagan accepts the nomination, Carter's statement on the doomed Operation Eagle Claw, the birth of toll-free contribution numbers.
1984: Reagan-Bush (Reaganomics, World Leaders, The Bear, Morning in America, secure Peace, A New Beginning [part 2], Next Tuesday, This was America in 1980... Today, This was america (Foreign Policy) vs Mondale-Ferraro (American Dream, Arms Control, Whole world at stake, Polls don't vote... fight!, Your share of Mr. Reagan's Deficits, Rollercoaster, Mr. Reagan's People, Always Felt [annoying intro], Teach your Parents, Orbit KILLER WEAPONS, The Red Phone [annoying intro], Gary Hart's 'New Ideas' [primary, annoying intro], Computers will take control!, Deficits of the Presidents [annoying intro], Idle Tools [annoying intro, primary]). Bonus: Jesse Jackson at Tendley Baptist (David and Goliath), Gary Hart campaign, Jesse Jackson Blues, second Reagan-Mondale debate.
1988: Bush-Quayle (Boston Harbor, The Willie Horton ad [poor quality], "He opposed, Raised taxes [1:15 in; video also includes Newscenter 8 sign-off, an ad for Speedy, US Air, and after the Bush commercial, an ad for Geraldo], Vetos and furloughs) vs Dukakis-Bentsen (The Bush Record; [N.B. all videos that follow for the Dukakis-Bentsen campaign have an annoying intro]: Leadership: Crime, I'm Fed Up With It!, The Best America is Yet To Come, Packaging Bush, Packaging Quayle, The President if Mortal/One in Five, 60-day notice, Social Security, Hey Pal!, All of us are enriched, Furloughs: The Response, Jimmy did well..., Packaging Bush, part 2, Can't Afford to be a Republican, Packaging Bush/Furlough: Part 3, Where was George?, Stopped Seabrook: Seabrook Nuclear Power Station). Bonus: CNN analysis of the campaign commercial [poor quality], CNN highlight reel [poor quality], "You're no Jack Kennedy, Bush vs Rather on Iran-Contra [poor quality], Read My Lips, Debate: If Kitty Dukakis were raped and murdered..., Debate: What do you see in Dan Quayle?, Dukakis vs Ted Koppel on Nightline, Seabrook Today.
1992: Clinton-Gore (Can't Afford Four more years, Read my Lips, Read My Lips [2], Endorsed by over 600 economists, Biography [annoying into; part 2], Enough! [annoying intro], Read my Lips Alert [annoying intro], More than 30-second ads [annoying intro], Republican Neglect [annoying intro], A Plan for America) vs Bush-Quayle (no advertisements found) vs Perot-Stockdale (Let your vote say so!, plus bonus video: Perot profile on CNN, which features clips of some commercials, and an example of Perot's speaking style). Bonus: Letterman: Top Ten reasons Bush Should [not] Dump Quayle, Letterman: Top Ten: Quayle's complaints about Clinton, Potatoe and other Quayle quips, Murphy Brown responds (part 2, 3, 4, 5), Letterman: Top Ten Things Overhead at the President's Fundraiser, Clinton in Beasley School, Chicago, during the primaries, Clinton vs heckler, Clinton on Nightline [focusing on leaked letter re: Vietnam draft] (part 2, 3), Gore on campaign trail, Super 8 Clinton, A Different World election episode clip, 1992 review, Read My Lips MTV Mashup with discussion by Bill Moyers and guests.
1996: Clinton-Gore (In the line of duty: assault weapons [poor quality], growth and opportunity [annoying intro], quitting [annoying intro], If Bob Dole were already here... [annoying intro], Risky! [annoying intro]) vs Dole-Kemp (Too Liberal? [primary ad], versus Steve Forbes [primary, poor quality]) vs Nader (no ads, but there are interviews). Bonus: Again with the Mark Russell! (part 2, 3, 4, credits), Dole representative vs Charlie Rose, Charlie Rose and guests discuss the presidential debate, and many, many more; Clinton-Dole debate clip on Dole's age, football and CFC stories.
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Inspired by a kottke post that showed the "We Like Ike" commercial.
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Oh my.

This has to be one of the most thoroughly vetted and researched MeFi/YouTube, etc. posts ever.

Not sure how many here will “click through” to the hyperlinks.

If nothing else, you've offered an outline for stitching together a documentary film project vis-à-vis U.S. Presidential Campaign commercials, et al.
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I salute your dogged determination in compiling this. Might be good fodder to create your own blog on the topic.
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How can I be snarky if there's so much to comment on?

*existential crisis*
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Is it the done thing to nominate things for the sidebar? If it is, then this certainly deserves such an honour.
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Plus ca change, eh?
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The current campaign needs more winkies.
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This is an awfully thin post. Couldn't you have done a bit more research?

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You can also check out his recent Fresh Air episode on just this subject.

Inspired by the Living Room Candidate Project
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First reaction: whoooooa!

Second reaction: I hope they don't think I'm going to click on all of those links.

Having said that, I started with the LBJ/KKK video. And now I can't stop.
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I was about to make some snarky remark along the lines of, "what, there's an election going on?" And then I saw the Links. Decent job, flibbertijibbet.
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wow, this is like the masters thesis of posts. I look forward to going through these... for many, many moons. thanks for your hard work.
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I'll bet Ben Stein has every Nixon campaign clip running on a loop in his home shrine.
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Kick ass post, spank ass truck.
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ad astra per aspera
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Wow, constructive labor went into this. Kudos!
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Holy shit, that's a lot of content. You deserve a sandvich for that.
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:-O . om nom nom
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It's abundantly clear who got the Intel on this map. rtv
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Alright, I'm going to drop a beacon on the next person who cracks a TF2 joke!
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good thing I don't have to go to work today. wow. thanks flib!
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The only way this could be any more badass is if all the text and hyperlinks was a stereogram of the white house. You would officially be declared the winner of the internet.
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I kid. Good post.
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So which one is the good link.
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Great job, thanks.
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Wait. Where's "No on 15"?
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Too... much... fun!
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I wish I could favorite this twice. Thanks so much!
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Fuckin' A.
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Tip & Ty
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I'm glad people are liking it. I was deathly afraid of it going sour... and now I notice that despite all the hours spent making sure I didn't forget to close a tag, and that all the links were unique, I managed to screw up freaking capitalization. Sigh.

I call this 'history student brain on summer.' I needed to learn more about US presidential elections and their history, so I did. I want to do it for my country, Canada, but it'll be impossible.

ColdChef: Thanks for posting that link! I find it super interesting how vital songs were for delivering messages (not necessarily the messages everyone today claims were delivered by song, of course).
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Also, I'd like to thank Arbac for alerting me to the LivingRoomCandidate project. Very cool, and more comprehensive than this post.
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Terrific post!

And from one of the 1956 "Man from Libertyville" ads: wow, Adlai Stevenson makes even John McCain look relaxed and glib. Not only is he ridiculously stiff, he actually flubs some of his lines in his own ad!
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It's settled. I'm voting for James Alexander in November, and all because of that adorable little British girl's (boy's?) voice. Well played, flibbertigibbet.
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That's $200,000 worth of links right there.
Quite an achievement.
Excellent stuff, spanky. thanks!
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Also, please tell me the overwhelming awesomeness of this post preemptively destroys all future newsfilter politix posts until at least 2016.
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Awesome post, Spank!! I'll be checking this out this weekend, wheee!
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Excellent post. Thanks.
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Wow...nice work, flibbertigibbet!
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Go to 3:53 in the "CBS on Nixon's re-election efforts, in January, 1972" video to see a young, svelte 22-year-old political junkie named Karl Rove talking about connecting to Republican youth.
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Cool post. thanks waxy
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Impressive. I've put it on the wiki.
And now, back to bed.
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Thanks Pronoiac!
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And there was me expecting a thin box underneath:

[This post has been deleted for the following reason: Campaign Filter -- Cortex]

Not really. That's amazing. Thanks so much!
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