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Hey, the government is spying on us!

Let's make some art!
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Let's make some art!

Hey cmon, the EFF's designer is making art, not one of their lawyers. Art spreads awareness and can boil complex problems down to a more easily understood form... I see nothing meriting so much snark.

If you'd clicked the last two links, you would have seen the legal work the EFF has been doing.

Here, let me try:

"Hey, someone's doing something I think is useless about a government policy with which I disagree!

I'll post a cynical, sarcastic comment about it!"
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I'll post a cynical, sarcastic comment about it!

Yeah, now there's some motherfucking shit I can fucking get behind!! Add my asinine bullshit to the pile!!
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You gotta admit - the format does define the message. Think of it this way - if you see some guy with a cardboard sign standing out in front of an office building railing on about how the NSA is in bed with AT&T and wiretapping America, he's a paranoid freak. However, if he dons a snappy chapeau and draws a political cartoon the size of a storefront, he's got a point. Hmm.
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Love that they gave Mark Klein a "whistleblowing" credit at the end.
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Someone wrote my comment for me: cool cartoon, and good soundtrack, though I was mostly thinking through the entire video. "Come on, I want to see the cartoon.", not that the process wasn't cool. I'm kind of impatient like that though.
(from the BoingBoing comments)
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Great music.
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