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Any Top 100 list of UK comedy shows has the famous Two Ronnies "Four Candles" sketch in the top ten. Silly word play, songs and Ronnie Barker's fabulous timing, made them TV blockbusters for 16 years. Presenting a brief youtube linkdump... posted by twine42 (13 comments total) 14 users marked this as a favorite
My godfather's neighbour was actually in that brass ensemble (being from around the Aldershot area). Every time that sketch is played on TV, the ensemble gets money from the rights. I wouldn't say that the ensemble is rolling in money, but considering that it's one of the more popular Two Ronnies sketches, they do alright out of it.

Ronnie Barker was brilliant - make sure you catch Porridge and Open All Hours (Porridge being the better of the two series, IMHO).

Some clips on YouTube from the Beeb here, although they're not necessarily the funniest. Well worth picking up the DVD.
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Great stuff that I never would have seen otherwise. Thanks for posting this.
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The Two Ronnies are brilliant. That mastermind sketch is hilarious. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was about 7, I used to be allowed to stay up late to watch them on telly.
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Sorry, I need some bleedin' 'elp 'ere. I know what a billhook is (basically a machete variant) -- but what could the misunderstanding be? A man named Bill Hooks? (Searching yields naught.) Also, what could "saw tips" mean?

"Mastermind" is brilliant.
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Swedish Made Simple is one I highly recommend.
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He sees billhooks as "bollocks" (literally testicles, figuratively "garbage" or "nonsense").

I remember this sketch from back in the day! Though I thought then and now that the punch line was weak, it's a great sketch still.

There are others I remember even more fondly - a great one which starts with Corbett saying something like, "Hello, pleased to meet you," and Barker responding, "It wasn't my fault, she shot herself in the head and buried herself under the stairs."
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Also, see Barker's excellent performance in "Robin and Marian" which is unfortunately not on YouTube etc.
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My dad got some fancy Irish digital TV and apparently watches the Two Ronnies every night. Driving my mother up the wall. It's great stuff though, has held up really well.
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The Mastermind sketch is great, and I'd never seen it thanks. Apparently simple, but damned hard to do it so well.
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Barker wrote many of these sketches (as Gerald Wiley)
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MetaFilter: It's a Duck!
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