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Mister Bookseller is a short comic by Darko Macan (translated from the original Croatian by a helpful blogger) about a bookseller who stocks almost every book in the world.
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That's beautiful, man. Thanks.
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Reading this prompted me to track down and purchase a copy of my favorite book from childhood (The Alligator and his Uncle Tooth by Geoffrey Hayes, if you must know) that I lent to a girlfriend and never saw again. Until she left with that particular book, loss had never been so personal or profound.

This was a great dramatization of regret. Shoot, made me spend four dollars and two minutes looking for a book, after all. Very well done; my compliments to the author and poster.
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Thank God, another bookseller comic. Just when I was getting worried with the glut of librarian comics, a fresh breath of air hits my screen.
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This was great: it's a nice reminder of why I have the best job in the world. Time to throw together my lunch, then it's off to open up the bookstore...
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Olsen's Standard Book of British Birds (expurgated edition)
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That was wonderful. Thanks very much.
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Oh, that's really sweet. Fantastic illustrations.
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kcds: Is that the one by Farles Wickens with four Ms and a silent Q? Why don't you try W.H. Smith?
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Is that the one by Farles Wickens with four Ms and a silent Q?

(I believe you mean "Mmmmarles Pickensq")
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That was just beautiful in so many ways, I don't even know where to start. So... I won't... I'll just go read it again.

Thanks for posting that.
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Bellman: I haven't got any money, and I can't read
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This is great. Now I have to find a copy of "mystery of the orange cat", and it seems it won't be easy.
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radiobishop, if you don't mind having it in German, this might help.
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The original Czech title seems to be "Tajemství oranžové kočky".
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I highly recommend Macan's work on Grendel Tales with the sadly late Edvin Biukovic. On the surface it's a kickass tale that manages to be affecting without being maudlin, but when you go deeper Macan deftly uses Matt Wagner's post-apocalyptic future to comment on the conflicts in the former Yugoslavian countries of the early nineties.

Thanks for the post, CrunchyFrog, that was lovely.
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thanks a ton for that. haven't read it yet, but i really like his art and the only other thing i've read of his is the grendel tales comics. which are really, really good and highly recommended.
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uh, what AA said.
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Lovely comic, CrunchyFrog. Thank you for sharing it.
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Thanks for that.
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Wow, Darko Macan ending up on Metafilter favorites page? Pretty impressive. He's one of my favorite writers artists publishers people in Croatia. Besides writing, drawing, editing and publishing lots of fantastic comics, books and magazines, he's just an overall great guy. :)

For anyone interested in more of his work, here is his blog, and uh, another blog of his, and oh look, yet another blog (but this one is mostly his sketches, so everyone not speaking Croatian might understand it a bit better than the other two), and let's not forget the blog dedicated to Macan's comic magazine, QStrip.

If you happen to understand Croatian, you can follow his web comics Martina Mjesec, Mister Mačak and Sergej.

He wrote several young adult and science fiction novels, which are all great (and to prove this I can send you my copies of his books if you want and understand the language ;)).

Sorry for this infomercial, but I just love this guy. :)
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