Voices of the Delegates.
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Voices of the Delegates: Democrats : Republicans [via: NYTimes] "

The New York Times has interviewed a wide range of delegates at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Listen to their concerns and why they believe their candidate is the best for the office of President.

Sort the Delegates by State, Sex, Age, and Top Issues.
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Unfortunately, you can't sort the RNC delegates by whiteness.
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Who cares? Aren't the delegates just glorified chits?
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Wow. That was eye opening.

Surprise #1, answers on both sides are impossibly uniform:

Democrats: we suck a bit. I hope today Americans will see that we don't suck so much.
Republicans: war! drill! maverick! pow! war! war! war!

Surprise #2, I have nothing in common with any of them, on either sides.
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I found that listening to the arguments from the delegates on the other side really helped to put this whole thing into perspective. I also found it interesting to hear the opinions and concerns of politically active people from every corner of America, as well as from my area.
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I really wish they would have asked both sides the same question. Instead we get "What do you want Obama to talk about?" and "What's great about McCain?"
This leads to a significantly different tone to each sides answers in aggregate, if you ask me.
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I was going to say the same thing bashos_frog did, they asked what was great about McCain, and what they wanted to hear from Obama, which of course gets more introspective answers from the democrats, and more self-righteousness from the republicans, which nicely dovetails with stereotypes about liberals and conservatives.
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A nice antidote to cynicism:

"The Delegate from Sadr City"
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