"We are living in a metal world"
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Iraqi heavy metal? Sure, there's Acrassicauda. They're named after a scorpion. The Guardian has an informative article about them. There's been a movie made about them, which the New York Times has written about. Four members of the group, more recently based in Turkey, were seeking refugee status. Are they any good? I dunno, I guess so, but I''m not all that keen on metal, myself, so I'm not the best person to ask. Just go listen to 'em at their MySpace page.
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And then of course there is Iraqi group CUF which worked with Sammy Hagar on his new album.
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Dude, I just got this on Netflix. Don't blow the ending for me.
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These guys are also featured prominently in the great Michael Franti movie I Know I'm Not Alone, in which Franti travels to Iraq at the height of the insugency, tours some hospitals, interviews musicians and poets who talk about what it's like to live as artists in a time of war. Loved how they talked about stealing telephone wire to hack new guitar strings.
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I don't know if this is an Islamic band or just ties into standard metal themes, but seriously? I've always thought Metal Jihad would be a good band name, and have heavy Islamic/Jihad themes.
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Are they any good?

No. But then again the entire power metal genre makes me gag.
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Are they any good?

It almost doesn't matter; the story is metal enough. (They're very much in the late-80's thrash camp.)
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Are they any good?
They're terrible, musically, but what an incredible story they have. There are a lot of stories about the dedication and bravery it takes to be into metal in various repressive countries—Egypt springs to mind, but also Malaysia and pretty much any kind of theocracy—but Iraq seems like a particularly dangerous place to go against the grain. To be in a metal band of any kind is pretty fucking awesome.
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The movie sucks. It's just an overproduced opportunity for Vice magazine higher-ups to insert themselves in what would otherwise be an interesting documentary.
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On the subject of retarded theocracies, I almost forgot. FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!
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I can't wait til 50 years from now when we enjoy Iraqi anime. There's Iraqi restaurants opening up in all the cool parts of town. Aaaah. That'll be awesome." ~ Brian Posehn
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I like the music. It's a bit primitive, but it has a good beat, growly heavy guitar lines, and some great lyrics. Considering that they're from Iraq, have lived in a war zone, had one of their members emigrate out, and have never seen a live metal show before they started, I think they're pretty impressive! Certainly a lot better than a lot of First World metal bands I've heard recently.

But then again, I listen to metal that's sung in Swedish about Vikings, so what the hell do I know.
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Regardless of what you think of the music, the story of the guys in the band is one of the few accounts of what the war in Iraq has done to middle class people who many of us can relate to. The facts that these guys used this music to learn (or at least polish) English and play it simply because they love it are the more important.

I have to believe it is difficult to buy good quality instruments suited to play this kind of music in Iraq. Any western musician knows its hard enough to afford quality instruments here in the US, let alone in the middle east where rock and metal aren't as common. So it's understandable why they might not sound like some polished Swedish act.
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All I can say is that I hope these guys are featured in Metalocalypse somehow. That would be metal.
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Are they any good?

No. But then again the entire power metal genre makes me gag.

Good thing they're not power metal... I don't hear any psuedo-falsetto wailing about hunting down dragons... This is probably closer to metal-core, if you need to further categorize it.

Other than the semi-weak vocals, this is some good stuff.
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