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Anarkon is a corporate collective comprised of the nations most innovative and forward thinking businesses, known internally as Affiliates. Our primary objective is to sell a long overdue revolution to the American public through an innovative branding and advertising campaign which will benefit today’s large corporations, the American economy and the consumer alike.
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Sound starts right away - you have been warned.
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14 year olds agree: truly a masterpiece of groundbreaking and profound social commentary.
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The Revolution will not be televised!
It'll be sold to you on the internets!
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Is it just me or are they selling something?
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At last! A site where I can buy concert DVDs and...fake explosives?...from the Brotherhood of Nod!

...only there's no Kane.


This is ridiculous.
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No, philip-random, they're not selling anything, AFAICT.

After all the hoops one goes through (I wanted some dynamite delivered) they just give you this bullshit 'server error' message.
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My understanding is that Anarkon results in communist enlargement. Anarkon enlarges according to your needs... well you get the picture
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Wait -- actually, it looks like the Command and Conquer baddie is on the far left of this picture..
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A link to Whole Foods or the Obama campaign would have been just as effective. Er, I mean just the Whole Foods. *runs for cover* *oh noes, they're everywhere!*
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As much as I like's counterbalanced by my hatred of people who think that being a revolutionary is glamorous.
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WHOIS and Google reveal that it's one Carl Bender's Carl Bender's thesis project.
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(is there an echo in here? ;) )
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Great! Now we can just buy a revolution, that's so much more convenient.
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Sounds more like Shadowrun than the Brotherhood of Nod.

And hey, except for the fact that no one found the century ferret, we're right on track for the Awakening in a few years. They might not have been exactly the disasters in the sourcebooks, but the new millennium certainly brought some disasters.
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I wish I posted this thread, but at least somebody smarter than me did. The mods won't get around to deleting it until they're done reading how the democrats started the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the previous FPP.


Bottom line(at least in my less-than-the-sharptest-tool-in-the-shed take):

1. Democrats caused this crisis, hence their reluctance to call any attention to it.
2. Republicans are uncomfortable with selling that Bush tried to stop this 5 years ago, because they don't want to be associated with him.

Bush did the right thing and will be remembered *much* later for doing it.
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Jeeze! Haters!
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Bottom line

From this point forward, your comment seems to be composed largely of English words assembled into complete sentences, and yet falls just shy of coherence.
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Looks like a pretty template and a Joomla demo. Is there more here? :/
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I think this would make for a pretty intriguing ARG, actually. I don't even like ARGs, but if there were more to this -- if, for example, the WHOIS hadn't been so straightforward, or if the "customer service" number didn't lead to a phone sex line -- I would probably dig it.

As it stands, it's a way prettier project than I could make.
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Cute... but a red and black color scheme? Really, I'd sort of hoped for a nice sterile white interface at least. Maybe some kind of friendly recommendation system ala

It looks like you're building an arsenal. Of our users who buy The American Hero Crow Bar, 80% purchase it with a copy of Half-Life 2

I think the real irony here is that this "imaginative" selection of counter-culture tools pales in comparison to the wares offered by actual security sites. This site has a pretty standard sampling of what's out there. All it lacks is the high explosives really. Plus the prices are better.

Looking at the real thing again for a second, they're marketing towards fear instead of anger since that's been a winning strategy so far. Poking around on google for a bit, they seem to be selling items "to keep you safe" which has a nice ring to it, but these are also the place offering air tazers and night vision goggles, so there's some definite dissonance between the mentality they foster versus the reality of their products. Anyone who really needs those is likely putting themselves in harms way.

Quite simply, people who are outraged burn out and get tired of fighting the system, but spending absurd sums on security to protect against the specter of terrorists and the like has been a sustainable strategy so far. And see, it even works, because the people who buy into it haven't been attacked by terrorists! Better than that, it puts the heavy toys in the hands of society's more conservative elements, and they're the ones least likely to shake up a good business model.

Reality trumps satire on this one; the tools are out there if anyone wants them, but it's more profitable to just sell the image of revolution to those who will buy it and decouple it entirely from any requirement to take action. The consumer gets to feel good about their beliefs while simultaneously not being burdened by them. I mean, Che Guevara is having a pretty good second career in t-shirts and posters these days. If a revolution ever does happen, it will be waged with items raided from the Home and Garden Center of your local Super Walmart. Last I saw, Hot Topic doesn't have anything more substantial on their racks than a couple of belt buckles.

Considering everything that's gone down in the last 8 years, there's a whole new world of possibilities for satire here. Kind of a shame Anarkon just beats the dead horse of oh-I'm-so-edgy-by-pretending-to-sell-outrageous-things-online. :(
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They'll be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.
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That site reminds me of this revolution site.
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with this site in his portfolio, dude will definitely land the Shoney's web redesign contract.
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OK. So I'm old. I don't get it.
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509 Bandwidth Exceeded. Like we didn't know THAT was going to happen.
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I lol'd.
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For us latecomers, can somebody describe what the heck this site actually was?
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For us latecomers, can somebody describe what the heck this site actually was?

An overdesigned and tone-deaf 'parody' of capitalism. An anti-corporate art site.

It was pretty for about three clicks. Then it was boring.
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