Upgrade your PC. With a shotgun.
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Upgrade your PC. With a shotgun. [via fark]
posted by plinth (7 comments total)
Ha! This stuff reminds me of Office Space, when they got the jammed printer into a field and started whacking it with a bat. I have no idea why Office Space didn't do as well as it should have, it was interesting and addressed the common problems of the everyday world through humor. Oh well, at least King of the Hill is fun.

What are those places called, where they take old peripherals, monitors and such and use them for scrap?
posted by tiaka at 7:59 AM on May 7, 2001

Ah, the cleverness of the Internet. Yes, shooting computers because you don't understand them "shore is funny, uh-huh!"
posted by starvingartist at 8:02 AM on May 7, 2001

i cant upgrade!!!!! - my shotgun hasn't got enough caliber
posted by monkeyJuice at 8:02 AM on May 7, 2001

A web shop in Charlottesville, VA has their own version. It's called, Screenshots. HA! Get it...screenSHOTS - AHAHAHAHAHA<cough>
posted by Hankins at 8:03 AM on May 7, 2001

He should get a dirt backstop instead of shooting the poor tree. Or maybe a vendor.
posted by jfuller at 8:09 AM on May 7, 2001

Amateurs. The only way to upgrade a computer is with DetaGel.
posted by hadashi at 8:31 AM on May 7, 2001

DetaGel, ShmetaGel. I talkin' 20-foot-long potato cannon, right here. (1.11MB) This potato has a sharp nose made of ice, and has roughly the kinetic energy of a 12 lb. bowling ball traveling 118 mph, if the site's authors' math is correct.
posted by JParker at 10:24 AM on May 7, 2001

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