Comic strips translated into Middle English.
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Japes for Owre Tymes is a blog that translates one newspaper comic strip a day into Middle English. "Why? Because it can..." If you want to try reading the translated strips but need a bit of help here's a Middle English dictionary.
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Sure, $5 billion *sounds* like a lot, but once you got rocket mules into production economies of scale would bring the price down. This sounds like a good investment to me.
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Well, anyway, this website is awesome.
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Funnier in theory than in practice, IMHO. But it is a very funny concept, I'll grant you.
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Funnier in theory than in practice

Yeah, I have to admit my anticipatory smile waned as I made my way down the page. But Chaucer's Blog is þe reall deale!
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You have to admit it does remove some of the lame from a comic like Marvin.
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Funnier in theory than in practice

It might help if the comics were funny to begin with.

But the commentary is worth it.
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It would be funnier if it were in Old English, I think. Or if the strips were Calvin and Hobbes.
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Middle is so close to modern that it's basically still unfunny and is then rendered pretentious.

The commentary is more interesting, however.
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I like this post both in theory and in practice, but what I like most about it is that I've now read the first link as "Japanese for Owl Tires" about seven times and each an every time I've been like "hooray, I'm also for Owl Tires!" and "what the hell is an Owl Tire?" at the same time.
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I enjoy this stuff (lousy at it tho). When I was in collich I took a course in Chaucer and we had to learn to speak middle English a bit. And I’m getting tested in this professors office on it (speaking it) and I’m thinking (fresh out of the military) I can drive, fly, jump, shoot, I’ve been places this guy’s never even heard of, been in charge of multimillion dollar operations with lives at stake - why the hell do I have to learn middle English from some cowtown professor when it can’t possibly be of any real use to me?

So I asked him. And he said “Because it’s so cool.”

And really, it is.

Plus, y’know, learning the roots of words and developing an ear for what you’re saying and as a result thinking. So it gives you a real depth of thought. And he knew that.

But still - 100% right thing to say to me at that time.
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(For right as men blamen an auaricious man by cause of his scarsitee and chyncherie, in the same wise is he to blame that spendeth ouer largely.)
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high five
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