Take It Slow, Take It Easy on Me
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Control time... A face gets punched, a face gets water-ballooned, and a dog laps water (with its face!) at your accelerative discretion. (If that's not enough... Previously on Metafilter.)
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The description was pretty cool (I was picturing all three things happening at once like some crazy Dali photograph), but the site was even better than I imagined.

The unflinching and focused stare on the fighter's face as the trainer's fist approaches, however, I found a little unnerving.
posted by barnacles at 6:28 PM on October 9, 2008

... especially in contrast with the other guy, who flinches as he pops a water balloon.

The cat does not flinch.
posted by barnacles at 6:33 PM on October 9, 2008

This is a new show on Discovery. It's on Friday night.
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Why do I always mentally chant things like "wiki-wiki-wah-wikiwiki-wahwah" as I erratically move the cursor back and forth on those things?
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The fighter guy's ear lobe! Wasted about a minute just watching it swing back and forth.
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I am making the cat dance in mid-air to Jefferson Airplane's "You're So Loose."

This is the best start to the weekend I can imagine.
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