Dear Santa, can I have one of these notebooks for Christmas please?
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Notebook is a short animated film by Evelien Lohbeck. Just graduated from the St Joost Academy of Arts in the Netherlands, she is already creating wonderful animations. And Notebook has just been awarded first prize in the Netherlands Online Film Festival.
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That's pretty cool.

Something a bit disconcerting about watching a video on youtube of semi-animations of videos on youtube? metatube!

But did her notebook have to be running windows? The White Stripes almost redeems that though.

It's a neat concept piece.
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I enjoyed that until the cheese food.
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So in the "wonderful" link she's playing "littlebigplanet?"

Favoriting the thread, since I think it deserves some attention.
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that was cute. favouriting & making a comment for reasons ditto.
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Very fun, well executed. But who the hell eats a toast-n-cheese sammich with a knife and fork?
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the Dutch. they also put mayonnaise on their chips.
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That first one's kind of inaccurate. I've never seen Windows XP boot that quickly.
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I missed a bit of the toast segment, and had to rewind it.

I reached for the wrong seek bar.
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That was brilliant, especially the toast. The credits at the end suggest a lot of people helped her out, which is hardly surprising given the complexity.

There used to be some fantastic experimental animations like this, with the "meta" conceptual angle as well, done in the film medium a generation or so ago, but of course the tools make it much easier today. Conversely the ease of producing something simpler makes the fact that somebody bothers to do this much work interesting of itself.
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It really is cool, isn't it?
Great note about XP, philip-random.
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