Voices and Music of Both World Wars
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Voices and Music of World War I and Voices of World War II: Experiences From the Front and at Home both feature spoken word, sheet music and songs galore (all audio RealPlayer). The Great War site has plenty of stuff, but the core is the collection of songs, anti-war, patriotic, France-themed, Kaiser-knocking and so forth. The WWII site also has a whole bunch of music, demonstrating the changing mood of the US, from conflicted feelings about the start of the war to conflicted feelings about the atomic bomb. Among the artists are Nat King Cole, Leadbelly, Benny Goodman and Fats Waller. But in addition the wonderful songs there are newscasts, speeches, propaganda and other radio broadcasting of all kinds.
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Oh, forgot... both sites were put up by The University of Missouri-Kansas City library, most of the audio coming from the vaults of the vast Marr Sound Archives.
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Oh wow, what great sites! Muchas gracias.
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The fact that all this content is in RealPlayer format makes me want to weep.
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Definitely worth installing RealPlayer for... Thanks! (First I hit "Oui, Oui, Marie, Will You Do Zis For Me" and now I'm listening to Leadbelly's "Roosevelt Song"...)
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Er, sites are still using RealPlayer for audio? If it's still 1999 I need to get out of the stock market pronto.
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Media Player Classic is a perfectly suitable alternative to Real Player if you're on Windows. In fact it's my player of choice for all audio and video. MPlayer is reportedly the Mac equivalent, at least for Real Player stuff.
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Are you ready for that Great Atomic Power?
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Sites with old music seem to love Real Player. It's probably part of appreciating old things.
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I keep returning to the page with songs about the atom bomb. It's incredibly fascinating. Songs about nuclear armageddon (or using it as a metaphor) were an incredibly resilient strain in popular music in the 20th Century, everything from Wanda Jackson's Fujiyama Mama to Alphaville's Forever Young. Fear of impending nuclear armageddon has lost its cultural currency, which is a good thing, to the point that it sometimes slips the mind how prevalent it once was.
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Sheldon Allman's Plutonium Based Folk Songs

Radioactive Momma, hold me tight! Radioactive momma, treat me right!
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