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Shifting the Debate. Track the movement across the blogosphere of the top 100 political videos on YouTube with this amazing Flash applet.
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Via Projects, I believe.
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Take on Me (Literal Version)

Number of Blog links--143

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I was looking at this yesterday. It really is cool.
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I made comments in the projects. I think it's a cool way to find videos. Also neat to see which side links to the video.

Lots of crappy videos out there.
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Very nice.
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Oops, I don't follow Projects as diligently as other parts of the Filter, didn't know it was already there. Oh well, no harm.
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No harm in posting. That's what projects are for. Get your attention, see if you think they are FPP worthy.

Some projects I would never want to have see the blue, but some are quite cool. This is one of the cool ones.

Should have made a larger post though. Linked to other political sites and such.

I found several McCain gaffs from this site that still have me laughing. There's one where McCain refers to Americans as his "fellow prisoners." And one where he says Obama think PA is racist, and he (McCain) "Couldn't agree more!" Crowd response on that one is classic.
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"Chimpanzee rides Segway" is equally watched by both sides.

The Barbara West / Biden interview is blogged slightly more by conservative bloggers. Do people on the right side look at that interview and think those questions are hard-hitting and valid? I wonder what the right thinks when they watch that video.

The "Couldn't agree more!" comment is too funny.
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