Lame ducks are thought to have been bred from one strain of alcohol abusing ducks that drink and swim/or fly.
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On February 6, 1933, the 20th amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect creating the holiday. Now you can make a donation. Listen to the podcast (or this one). Listen to the song (or the second song down on this page). Read the comic. Buy a book. Buy the mug. Buy the cat toy. There's also Drosophila (of course). You can sign up for the 2009 triathlon. And if you don't like how Mirriam-Webster defines the term, then take your own crack at it. Or get out your screen cleaner and watch the Hot for Words babe explain it.

Oh yeah, tasty too. And something about this guy (but hurry, that page will be updating soon!).
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I'm sorry, but I don't get it. Is this just a collection of links that have the words "lame duck" somewhere? Your first link is especially confusing if you visit it without consulting any of the other links(or at least look at the URLs) first.
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The OP did a google search for "lame duck" and then did a link-dump here.
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