Nanobliss: now with extra audacity, hope and change!
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Nanobliss "Nanobliss is a gallery of visualizations of small-scale structures of carbon nanotubes and silicon, created by John Hart." I came for the awesome Nanobamas [Flickr set here], but was impressed enough with the rest to share the whole. Enjoy---particularly the informative techniques page. At the very least, have a look at some of the pretty nano pictures.
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This is very cool. Takes me back to the first time I saw electron microscope images as a kid, how eerie and otherworldly things like the surface of a housefly's eye looked. Only now ... with Obama!
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Nanobliss indeed! Thank you very much!
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Girl with a pearl earring in protein
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Good lord, wow. This is why I love MeFi. Thanks, kosem.
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Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the worm.
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I didn't know carbon nanotubes could be created by chemical vapor deposition. Clearly I haven't been keeping up.

I've heard of DLC, or "Diamond-like carbon", which as far as I can tell does not involve nanotubes. The most amazing use of chemical vapor deposition is this application (from Wikipedia)

Virtually all of the multi-bladed razors used for wet shaving have the edges coated with hydrogen-free DLC to reduce friction, preventing abrasion of sensitive skin.

I'm hoping to live long enough to see jet-black cables or tapes of carbon nanotubes in bulk commercial quantity.

This is a fantastic post, and may I suggest the inclusion of the "microscopy" tag?
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yeah, tube (hah.. name): i think most CNTs are grown by some variant of CVD anymore as it's really by far the most controllable and you get very uniform growth (as you can see).

and, my own wee contribution to the carbon nanotube microscopy fun: under the sea
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Y'know what he should have done? Created a nano-violin. So you could show it to whiners and say, do you see? It plays for you!
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U.S. Patent Office
Application #583128539 | Microscopic Violin Producing Melody For Unfortunate Individual
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The Big Picture joins in. And some of these are a little scary.

Get it, little scary?...sorry.
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I like Absolut Nano but it gives me just the tiniest headache.
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