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John Prine Live in 1980 on youtube--with interspersed interviews from around his hometown: in his 1951 Ford Custom Club Coupe (Automobile), down by the train tracks (Bruised Orange) on the porch ( How Lucky) and at the Scene of the Crime (The Accident). Previously

Ubangi Stomp
From the classic and innovative Soundstage TV show (still on but diminished in value these days). This episode is currently the only John Prine concert available on DVD.
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Potomac Avenue: John Prine Live in 1980 on youtube

C'mon, there was no youtube in 1980!
(Thanks for this, though!! Love Prine, never thought to Youtube him.)
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Took Debbie-boat (yeah, her name was Debbie -- you know you're in trouble when you start to giving them nicknames and all) to see John Prine in Houston, maybe 1979, 1980, bitty little opera house, totally full; we all sang along with him, song for song, he loved it and so did we all. Debbie-boat, I'd bet she's back in Alabama, I hope she's still enjoying Mssr. Prine -- I surely do.

Nice Sunday afternoon post -- thanx.
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A likable guy. Hadn't heard of him before. Loved seeing him drive around his hometown pointing out the background to the songs. When I heard his voice and saw him smoking I wondered if he'd survived cancer. Sure enough, he is, in early 1998, Prine was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent surgery to remove the tumor followed by radiation therapy. Glad he's still alive and singing.
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When I heard his voice and saw him smoking I wondered if he'd survived cancer.
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It's changed his voice considerably -- it's rougher, still recognizable but rough, and not as strong, it seems to me; saw him last year at a much, much larger venue just as full as that bitty opera house and that crowd just as much in love with him as all those years ago -- but he's on his feet and out touring, seems they got it all.
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I said it in the last John Prine thread and I'll say it again: He's ten times the songwriter Dylan ever was.
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"A John Prine Christmas" is in our holiday-theme rotation every year. We especially enjoy the horrified look on my mom's face whenever she hears his intro to "All the Best": "I got kind of an unusual Christmas present a couple of years back-I got a divorce for Christmas", and tells the story of nailing a train set to the dining room table...just 'cause he could. Classic.
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I said it in the last John Prine thread and I'll say it again: He's ten times the songwriter Dylan ever was.
I love Prine, but no. The whole "elevate songwriter X by denigrating Dylan" construct is a little odd. Like the "Harrison better than McCartney" meme, it sounds good on paper, until you honestly sit and listen to the music.
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Also, every time there's a Prine thread I like to throw in a link to this outstanding cover of "Crazy as a Loon." I was honestly unaware John was still out there making new music until I heard this live in concert.
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love john prine! thanks for the post.
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Just saw him again last year and he's really not in great health. I'm not sure how much longer he'll be playing, but everyone should check him out while they still can. I really do think he's America's greatest underappreciated, if not simply greatest, songwriter.
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I missed Townes, but caught Guy Clark a few years back...it'll hurt, but by God, I'm not gonna miss Prine.
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Great clips, always loved John Prine - thanks Potomac Avenue!
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Prine isn't in the best of health, but I saw him live this September and he put on two solid hours of music without a single break. His accompanists took a quick time out; Prine stayed on stage and did a solo acoustic set. And then he finished with an absolutely powerful version of Lake Marie. I could not believe his energy and his drive. And the music was wonderful.

His story songs are absolutely beautiful, Hello In There will get me all morose and wistful every time, I am of the firm belief that In Spite Of Ourselves, his duet with Iris DeMent, is one of the best love songs ever, and Prine is the only person who can get a laugh with a song about a family sinking into a bottomless lake.

My name is Spatch and I approve this post.
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