Visualizing emotions
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How do you ask a stranger (not necessarily fluent in English) to recall and describe their private emotions? A research project visually displays anger, joy, fear, sadness, and love.
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I really like how it appears that everyone feels love in their whole body, and it goes out in every direction.
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This is really really trippy and cool. I started reading one of the paragraphs on the front page without reading the process or any explanation, and it sounded like it was being said by someone really really frustrated trying to explain something as best they could, but just falling short.

Very neat.
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I pink, pink, red, blue, yellow, teal this. All over my body.
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Ambrosia: photos, please.

This is a fascinating post, tho. It reminds me a bit of some other emotion-based visualization projects, like We Feel Fine.
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If you liked that, take a look at Fleshmap. It uses similar body visualizations concentrating on the emotion desire.
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If I could change my username to "new-seeing well-getting party," I probably would.

Either that or "friends no others rejection sad to world."
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This is a totally great idea. Good, succinct visual correlations.

The drawings of the sensory locus and directionality particularly interested me. Very chakra-like. The colors! wow.

Odd to have to wait for the concept of visualizing emotions by talking with strangers not fluent in English, when realizing this playfully, beautifully, creatively across a number of senses is long overdue in plain old English.

The color palettes are nicely done. A sort of chromatography of feelings.

When I went to google the site with the lovely color combos, ColourLovers, I found another site, Color Matters, that tries to tie emotions to colors but doesn't really cut it creatively.

In Mahayana Buddhist symbolism, the Five Dhyani (meditation) Buddhas have colors that correspond to emotions in their unawakened form and aspects of enlightenment in their awakened form.

white = ignorance/sloth ->all accommodating wisdom
blue = anger -> discriminating awareness->
yellow = greed/pride ->equanimity/equality
red = lust ->discriminating awareness/compassion
green= jealousy ->all accomplishing

There is also the Chinese medicine correlations [pdf]

Love this post.. Thanks desjardins.
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s/emotions/parts and I'm far more interested in this project.
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Gorgeous. Love the methodology as well as the result.
Always hard to visualize non discursive attributes.
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not necessarily fluent in English
ya mean johnny foreigner?
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