Defining Imagery
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The Photographic Dictionary defines words through the personal meaning found in each picture. M is for mask, E is for ephemeral, T is for twin, A if for alone.
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There seem to be a few beautiful semi-clad women in these pictures (mirror, motel, etc..) Today's letter is "M".
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I was happily clicking through the a's and when I got to at-az I thought, "Wow, I've never seen that latin phrase before." Now I feel really stupid.
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This is nice.
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No M is for Masturbation, L is for Lesbian, F is for Fornication, E is for Erotica, P is for Porn, or Sex is for Sex.

Actually a bit of fun. A bit weird to navigate this way, and I am so textually driven then I found the limited word sample a bit frustrating.
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I find some of them... contrived is a bit strong, but you know where I'm heading. Seconding "M", which is indeed today's letter. Others are vague and delightful - "fake", for example.
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