Groundbreaking skateboarding video
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Beez skateboarding video. A portion on youtube (gross). It will be a cult classic.

Some info here and here. The Beez guys seem to be affiliated with Wiskate. The DVD cover says all proceeds will be donated to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and Hope House Milwaukee. Currently it's only $13, shipping included. Photo of Russ Clark, Backside Smith a Personal Water Craft. Their myspace.
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The bastard children of Neil Blender and Lance Mountain.

And thank God for that.
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I kept waiting for Bob Dobbs to show up and pull a kick-flip.

How wonderfully surreal.
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I dig this crew's love of classic forgotten 1980s moves like the boneless, street plants, cavemans and the No Comply. Takes me back to the days of the launch ramp, Ho-Ho plant, Gorilla Ribs, Thrasher Skate Rock cassettes and "The Bird" plastic curb lapper for your rear truck.
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Heh. I don't usually dig skate videos, but the Calimari Wrestler cameo marked this as quality.

Entertaining stuff.
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strangely compelling
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Goddamnit, who gave the skaters a jar of ether?
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Why are there so many fucking weird skating videos.

You never see tennis or basketball videos like this.
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You never see tennis or basketball videos like this.

That's because tennis and basketball have rules. Skateboarding doesn't have any rules, man. The only wrong way to skate is the one where you're not having any fun.

It's at this point I should probably put on a silly hat and go do a boneless fastplant off a couch in my living room but I'm old and I still need to make some coffee.
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It's all the wild fantasy shit that normally only 8-year-olds are capable of conceiving and refining — done by pro skateboarders with the coordination to pull off much bigger tricks, but who have chosen to do cooler tricks.

A lot of the tricks are tailored to a child's imagination, and the limits it takes for granted: lots of walking, miniature park features, the tiniest ollies. The stars of the video are doing the things they thought discovered would be fucking awesome before they discovered girls — inverting Free Willy, riding two stacked skateboards, zany obstacle courses, bolting trucks onto a block of styrofoam, etc.
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Ironic skateboarding tricks, what will they think of next.

That being said, 8:05 = awesome.
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There are basketball and tennis videos? Please link.

(Instructional don't count)

But seriously, tennis and basketball are not preemptively ostracized (NO SKATING!) by the community. "Weird" kids skate?, or Skate culture makes kids "weird"? Chicken or egg? I think it's just a cry for help.

From the perspective of a non-skater, I enjoyed that video. Irreverence good. Overt theatrics good. Non-angry instrumental soundtrack good. Go Beez.
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"I'll take whatever they're ingesting."
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Not a lot of NBA videos, but there are about a million streetball ones.
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Oh sure, but there are no Dadaist streetball videos.
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That was all kinds of fun, and sorta deconstructionalist. Or something.
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This rules. Funny noise culture meets skateboarders.
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Tennis on skateboards, please.
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I didn't skate, but all my friends did. There was a bowl that we used to go to where I'd watch them skate and take care of changing tapes on the boombox. On one occassion, I was also compelled to slap a dislocated thumb back into position. Listened to a lot of Pushead, Flipper, DK, Dr. No and GI back then.

And right now I am so very, very happy there are people still doing this.
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Crazy awesome.
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Ok, so it's not tennis on skateboards...
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that was so stupidly brilliant. excellent.
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Wow. Yeah, I remember fun.
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God damn I loved the hell out of that.
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that was great.
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stupid awesome. About a third of the tricks are cringeworthy bad, but the rest more than make up for it. I loved the pole-run around 8 minutes in.
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This was great and I don't even care about skateboarding!
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funny like Harlem Globetrotters (not as funny tho) / wierd like Monty Python (wierder)
(Dad cultural references, sorry).
good skating srlsy
Im buying one
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Joy. Thanks for this.
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can anyone identify the 8bit song at 6:44 in the youtube video? i need.
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I love the vid but these guys owe a lot to what Louie Barletta already does. Except Louie is faster and has more style.
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This sort of reminds me of TV Carnage, but with moar stunts.
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I bought it after watching the intro vid on their site. Came with a hand written note from"Russ". Worth every penny. Makes you want to make things.
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