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Artist Julián Dorado puts together typographical creatures. The alphabet can be a little scary.... Typefaces. (via)

There is a time-lapse video of how the images are created, and a pictorial description.
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The awesome webcomic Sinfest often features typographic art in which a character morphs over the course of four panels into a kanji character, usually related to the strip somehow.
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More face than type.
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I don't want to snark too hard, since the end result is pretty cool. All the same, it appears that he's essentially noticed that typefaces are shapes, and cartoons can be made of shapes, so "why not make cartoons out of typefaces?"

It's clear that he gets a certain amount of inspiration from the limitation, and seeing how he can stretch the shapes helps him out. Creativity out of restriction and all that jazz. All the same, the "type face" conceit seems really more like a gimmick. It's also been done before, and in CSS no less.
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Yep, he got Comic Sans right.
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See historical precedent.
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Thanks, signalandnoise. I just ran into a couple of prints of those letters and wondered who the artist was.
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